Test, review and choose your designs on a physical object. Simplify your prototyping process by instantly rendering the look and feel of your product. Switch a real object’s colors, textures and labels in a second, and create your objects faster and cheaper.

Save valuable time.

Visualize in real time as many alternative designs as you can imagine. Dramatically reduce your decision making process by testing countless alternatives one after the other and precisely evaluating each possibility. Make sure you find the perfect layout faster than ever.


Cut prototyping costs.

Use only one mock-up to assess all your choices. Save money on expensive prototypes. Act responsibly by not wasting material and energy on trials. Save valuable resources on unnecessary testing, and outpace competitors by reducing your products’ time-to-market.


Select colors & textures.

Change any visual aspect of your product by transforming colors, textures, text and more. Unleash your creativity with flexible, easy-to-use and innovative techniques that give you a real sense of the finished product. Literally project your imagination.


You’ve got a product in mind, but design software is just not enough to communicate what you’re doing and what the result is going to look like. Now you can directly show and edit your ideas on a mock-up as if it were the real thing. Now you only need one prototype, and you can configure it as much as you need to, for as long as you want. Now, your creations look good on the screen and on the object; your object is the screen.


1) We review the specs sheet together.

We identify the best possible added value of our technology in your process, understand where it best fits in you value chain, and define precisely the specifications of your augmentation needs (editing, testing, assessing, etc).

2) We combine it with our algorithms.

We use your 3D data, provide 3D-scanning services if needed, upload them so that our projectors recognize their shape and build a white mock-up optimized for projection. We build the interface you choose for user interaction (tablet, smartphone, clicker and so on).

3) Use our technology in your meetings.

Set up our smart projectors in your offices. Edit you objects directly on the mock-ups, and choose as many variants and contexts as you want. Push new content and update your range of augmented products and mock-ups whenever you want.