Improve your digital strategy and your physical shops by offering an innovative and memorable client experience that combines both. Tell your stories and enhance your brand image by giving life and energy to your vitrines, products and displays.

Put the customer first.

Offer an individual experience, and link your shops and products to your clients’ preferences and data. Augment your stores by offering smart and interactive displays that reflect the customer’s preferences and vision, and boost your sales by creating a strong multi-sensorial connection with your product.

Show & tell.

Create an impact and improve client loyalty by appealing to all senses without having to look at a screen. Create original and tailored environments to contextualize your products and send a powerful message. Allow for interactive and dynamic products to establish an authentic and exclusive bond with customers.

Sell more in less space.

Save money on stocks and gather useful data on customer experience by giving more value in less space. Benefit from all your data to update your inventory and adapt visuals to any relevant variable.  Our low-cost and adjustable technology saves time and effort and makes your processes leaner than ever.

Create a stronger bond with customers by offering an immersive experience, personalizing your offer to each individual preferences. Allow for interaction through tablet, smartphones, computers, or even gestures and give control of the physical store to customers, staff and more. Give life and energy to your brand image and materialize your digital strategy by adapting your products’ environments. Generate shareable and popular content on social networks boosting your visibility and expanding your fan base.


1) We build the creative brief together.

From brainstorming to storyboard: we think together about your needs and imagine how to augment your store. You can decide what object, product or display you want to augment, and then choose the colors, contexts, animations that best fit your brand’s image.  


2) We combine it with our algorithms.

We use your 3D data, provide 3D-scanning services if needed, upload them so that our projectors recognize their shape and build a white mock-up optimized for projection. We build the interface you choose for user interaction (tablet, smartphone, movement).


3) We set it up in your store.

Set up our smart projectors in your store. Push new content and update your range of augmented products and displays whenever you want, gather and use data to constantly augment your store in the most efficient and impactful way