Our technology


No technical skills required unless you were born in the XIXth century, in which case we will offer complementary training. Plug the machine and control it via the chosen interface or simply let it run, and update content whenever you wish.

Object recognition

Our smart projector recognizes what object is placed in front of it and will adapt on every shape, structure, size and context. No object is too complex, not even a Penrose triangle if you manage to produce one.


The camera detects the object’s movements and follows it anywhere! Turn it, lift it, one step forward, two steps back, the show goes on right on track.


Project optimized colors, images and videos for the most beautiful rendering possible. You can reinvent reality and flirt with fantasy, generate content just like you want it to be.


Object Augmention

Project directly on the object and feel the transformation without a screen in sight. Push any content at any time in a split second.


Flexible interface

Connect your augmentation to any device, tablet, smartphone or computer. Activate with a click, a tap or a slide.


Near Field Communication

React and update content according to users’ data in real-time  and stay in touch with you environment.


Browse F.A.Q. Topics

Strategic questions for designers and creators.

  • How does it help me make a decision?
    SmartPixels allows you to start user testing at the very beginning of the design process. Fonts, labels, languages, color variants, promotion content can be validated right on the box, in short iterations.
  • Does it interfere with my current designing process?
    We are about speed and efficiency in the prototyping process. Work with software tools you already use. No re-training, no extra data creation. SmartPixels will take your realistic 3D data as-is and project it on physical mock-ups.
  • How does it help me cut designing costs?
    Through digital colouring and editing, SmartPixels reduces the number of mock-ups. Your team spends less time waiting for the paint process to complete, the mock-up is always up-to-date and you buy less of them. Do the math, run the numbers, call SmartPixels. SmartPixels is cheaper.
  • How does SmartPixels accelerate prototyping?
    With SmartPixels, you can directly edit the appearance of your product. Keep the flexibility and configurability of your digital mock-up. Whether you use additive 3D printing, STL, SLS or even cardboard mock-ups, SmartPixels will instantly give them the appearance of the finished product. No more waiting for lengthy painting and trimming processes.
  • How do I get a better feeling of the finished product?
    Make your design presentation more impactful by displaying your digital 3D data directly on the object. Showcase colours, labels, materials, textures and ensure they see what you mean.

Strategic questions for retailers and shop-owners.

  • Interact with your existing mobile apps and your website.
    Integrate SmartPixels to your mobile app and make configuration services available on smartphones, right from the shop. SmartPixels can also connect to other in-shop IT assets, such as digital signage: check with our team for custom integration options.
  • Do you have an example of an augmented reality system combined with RFID?
    Put samples like a leather card near our RFID module to change textures and colours on your video-mapped product. Adding or subtracting configuration options is as easy as a drag and drop of your samples in front of our machine.
  • What does SmartPixels mean by natural user interface?
    Provide customers with an easy, engaging and fun shopping experience using the Kinect module of SmartPixels. Let your customers take over the video-mapping display with an efficient gesture-based display.
  • How can your selling process showcase the innovation of your product?
    Grasp complete customer’s attention at the window store and use state-of-the-art video-mapping technologies to create a selling experience exclusive to your shop. Transform visitors into shoppers.
  • How to gamify the customer experience?
    SmartPixels is a cost-efficient way to introduce gamification in the sales pitch. Multiply interactions between the customer and the product and differentiate from your competitors.
  • How to make a static selling display more lively? 
    Add a virtual layer to the physical surroundings to actively guide the customer in their purchasing process, providing additional information, an advanced customisation showroom, and a stronger marketing impact.
  • As a retailer, how can I showcase my customization opportunities?
    Offer a unique memorable experience, satisfying your customer’s desire for customisation. Lead the customer in an emotional journey with your brand and let them know who is behind the product they buy.
  • As a retailer, how can I augment my revenue per m² using augmented reality?
    Display all the possible variants on a single object. Live change the texture, material, color, and atmosphere of your product to create a truly digital and physical shopping experience.

What are the technical specifications?

  • Do I need to scan my object myself?
    Not unless you want to. We can do that for you, in our offices. If you already have your object’s 3D files, then we can save time and money. Which is the point, isn’t it?
  • What sort of animations can I use?
    You can project videos, illustrations, animated slideshows and cool transitions between colours or images.
  • Can I change the object on the same set-up?
    Yes. Yes you can. Don’t let anybody ever tell you that you can’t! Our camera recognises the object in front of it and adapts the projection accordingly.
  • What kind of files are being used?
    Our technology uses a 3D-model of your object (.fbx, .obj, .dae, .3ds, .dfx). For the texturing, any digital file can be projected to augment an object. Any video or image file will do, even sound. And if you do not have any of them, do not fear! We will provide it.
  • Do I need training to use the machine?
    You need to master some basic instructions in case the calibration doesn’t fit your standards. It’s a child’s play. Learning how to use it won’t be any more complicated than using your smartphone or laptop.
  • How long can I use the projector for?
    The projector will last for about 20,000 hours - it amounts to 26 months of continuous use, 52 months if you turn if off at night !After that it might keep working for a while, which is great. Or break down, which is expected. But we got you back, you will receive a new one for free as part of your subscription.
  • How real are the colors?
    As real as you’ll see them on a screen.
  • Can I move the projector?
    You can move the projector – but be careful. You can move it through a short distance without interfering with the projection. If you want to travel with it, we will take extra measures in order to make it transportable.
  • Can I move the object?
    You may move the object in the projector’s field of view, and change its angle and direction. The projection will automatically calibrate its beam towards the object.
  • Where can I set-up the machine?
    It should fit in the best possible angle according to your object. It can be placed on a tripod, on a table, down from the ceiling. We can also hide it below the object. In any case, it is best to avoid sunlight or very brightly lit locations.
  • What are the specifications of the augmented object?
    The augmented object must be as smooth and mat as possible. We can project on objects that are white or a certain shade of grey (and we know there are at least 50 of them).
  • If I want to edit the design in live, what kind of software can I use?
    You can edit your object live with Photoshop and Illustrator. Do not hesitate to reach for us if you want a custom integration.

What could you tell me on the business side?

  • What do I get with a subscription?

    Dedicated hardware.

    – Rugged structure – Computing Unit – Video projector available in SD / HD / 4K – Several levels of projector brightness

    SmartPixels software.

    – SmartPixels Tracking – SmartPixels 3D Rendering – Updates


    – Hardware replacement – Remote fleet management – Customer Service contact

    White projection objects.

    (Optional: while SmartPixels can work with the original product, it is sometimes desirable to create a white replica) – Production of 3D models – Delivery

    Digital content

    – Live content updates
  • How long does it take me to have an augmented product and projector up and going?
    Between the moment we receive your white object and the creative brief and the moment your machine is ready to be used, it will take 2 - 3 weeks.
  • What kind of guarantee does SmartPixels offer?
    Pretty much everything is addressed in our subscription plan. It is a plug-and-play solution, and keeping it in good order is our problem.
  • What are the advantages of long-term rental?
    Free updates, maintenance, creative consulting and we supply white objects. If you buy the machine, those services are extra.