Our technology


Spatial augmented reality (SAR) augments real objects through projections, without having to use displays like monitors, headsets, glasses or hand-held devices. SAR makes use of digital projectors to display graphical information onto physical objects.

Our technology is meant to bring digital interaction to every physical surface. Interactive mapping can be used to add useful and beautiful information to our world.


Object recognition

Our smart projector recognizes what object is placed in front of it and will adapt on every shape, structure, size and context. No object is too complex, not even a Penrose triangle if you manage to produce one.


The camera detects the object’s movements and follows it anywhere! Turn it, lift it, one step forward, two steps back, the show goes on right on track.


Project optimized colors, images and videos for the most beautiful rendering possible. You can reinvent reality and flirt with fantasy, generate content just like you want it to be.


Object Augmention

Project directly on the object and feel the transformation without a screen in sight. Push any content at any time in a split second.


Flexible interface

Connect your augmentation to any device, tablet, smartphone or computer. Activate with a click, a tap or a slide.


Near Field Communication

React and update content according to users’ data in real-time  and stay in touch with you environment.


Our first prototype! May 2015

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Strategic questions for retailers and shop-owners.

  • What does SmartPixels mean by natural user interface?
    Provide customers with an easy, engaging and fun shopping experience using the Kinect module of SmartPixels. Let your customers take over the video-mapping display with an efficient gesture-based display.
  • How can your selling process showcase the innovation of your product?
    Grasp complete customer’s attention at the window store and use state-of-the-art video-mapping technologies to create a selling experience exclusive to your shop. Transform visitors into shoppers.
  • How to gamify the customer experience?
    SmartPixels is a cost-efficient way to introduce gamification in the sales pitch. Multiply interactions between the customer and the product and differentiate from your competitors.
  • How to make a static selling display more lively? 
    Add a virtual layer to the physical surroundings to actively guide the customer in their purchasing process, providing additional information, an advanced customisation showroom, and a stronger marketing impact.
  • As a retailer, how can I showcase my customization opportunities?
    Offer a unique memorable experience, satisfying your customer’s desire for customisation. Lead the customer in an emotional journey with your brand and let them know who is behind the product they buy.
  • As a retailer, how can I augment my revenue per m² using augmented reality?
    Display all the possible variants on a single object. Live change the texture, material, color, and atmosphere of your product to create a truly digital and physical shopping experience.