Valentino tranforms the ordinary into extraordinary.

SmartPixels and Valentino worked hand in hand in the creation of a unique customer experience for their Made To Order Service available for the capsule collection, Le Blanc.
Le Blanc, presented during the Valentino Spring/Summer 2020 Show, is a special collection, designed by Piccioli with the aim to take couture to the streets. Le Blanc translates the uniqueness of Haute Couture into a contemporary language by inviting consumers to give full attention to each piece of clothing.
With the exclusive Made To Order service, available in a selection of Valentino boutiques, consumers can personalize their shirt for a truly unique creation. Coming to store, consumers can discover the global culture of Haute Couture and choose between a long or short cut, three different types of sleeves and a variety of embroidered applications.

Challenges faced by Valentino.

Creating unique customization experiences is our expertise, therefore Valentino called on our services.
Launching a customization experience is a daunting task: one you have supply-chain and manufacturing in place, remains the challenge of engaging the consumer and showing the spectrum of available options.
As previously mentioned, their personalisation offer was available only on a selection of 20 Valentino boutiques across 14 countries. VIPs customers were then invited to special events taking place in-store for a few days.
Before reaching out to us, Valentino was facing three main challenges:

What we suggested

Inspired from Valentino’s universe, we built an interactive and engaging tailor-made experience in-store.
Throughout client’s visit in store, a personal shopper would assist them with the help of our support tool. In fact, we designed an IOS application on Unity dedicated for the sales associates working with an embedded product configurator.
Thus, we help Valentino’s clients to instantaneously visualize, interact and choose between a long or short cut, three different types of sleeves and a variety of embroidered applications.
Our solution is directly integrated to Valentino’s CRM, which enables us to showcase the offer in-store with the latest product availabilities based on stock levels. 0
Once the order is placed, our platform automatically sends the production sheet to the manufacture, avoiding mistakes and potential returns. By automating the manufacturing process, we manage to save time to our client Valentino.
Consumers then get out of store with a card presenting their unique personalized product drawn on it with Piccioli’s style.
The experience doesn’t end when consumers get out of store. During production time which might last 6 weeks, we build up excitement using content visual of their personalized product being created.

The results in numbers.

1 week

The project paid for itself in one week.


of orders turned into purchases.


The average basket doubled for the same type of item.

But this isn't just it

The experience around Le Blanc Made To Order offer, considerably drove traffic to store and encouraged social sharing. This considerably increased brand awareness and boosted Valentino’s Net Promoter Score. As a natural result of increased traffic in-store, cross-selling opportunities were multiplied.

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