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How can you benefit from adopting 3D web product configurators?

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50% [1] of consumers say they would become repeat buyers if the brand they purchased offered a personalized experience. With 3D web product configurators, it is possible to offer a personalized experience through a customizable product
The challenge luxury brands face today is making the online purchasing experience of their customers special like the in-store one. To solve the issue, an increasing number of brands have decided to opt for web product configurators. 
Through web product configurators you will be able to be the brand that satisfies le 50% of consumers. Discover why you should adopt a web product configurator in this article through 4 of the numerous benefits it can provide your brand. 

1. Customization experiences for satisfied customers

A customization offer with a Configurateur web de produit 3D will enhance your brand experience for your consumers. How is that?  
First, incorporating a customizable product to your offers will provide your brand with a differentiating factor. Other brands may also possess customizable products. However, your offer will always be authentic to your brand as no other would have a design like yours.  
In addition, allowing your consumers to participate in a co-creation concept for their product emphasizes the personalized aspect of the customer journey. Clients are likely to feel the prestige and honor of being trusted with the development of their product concept. Shoppers will feel that they and their desires were acknowledged and considered by the brand. 
Finally, leveraging the knowledge and freshly acquired database of customers’ wants et la desires allows brands to make more tailored content and offers to their clients.  
With SmartPixels’ configurateur produit en 3D, the photorealistic visual of your product enables your clients to fully visualize their desired purchase: 
  • under any angle, 
  • with a 360° view, 
  • witnessing the changes they bring to it, in real time.
These features allow a fully immersing experience. The client can witness the object’s reactions toward features from its environment such as lighting. The photorealistic materials applied to the product match the product perfectly and convey emotion to the consumer as they can truly visualize its effects. It is as if they could feel the product from afar. 
SmartPixels has helped various brands to introduce web product configurators to their product offers. 
Finally, if you decide to adopt a web product configurator, it is possible for you to couple your offer with an optional characteristic that is: Augmented Reality visualization. AR takes the customer journey to the next level. Not only can the client see the materials’ reaction to the environment’s lights, but they can also visualize the product in their own environment. 
Testing the product in a personal environment gives another dimension to the emotional attachment a client can have towards a product they wish to purchase, helping them press the “add to cart” and “confirm and pay” buttons. 
Scan the QR code for a Dunhill AR visualization

2. Enhance your performance with web product configurators

Camille Fournet 3D web product configurator
Camille Fournet 3D web watch configurator by SmartPixels
Web product configurators have been proven to increase a brand’s performance on various levels.  

First, increased consumer trust is one of the most acknowledged features of brands that use 3D web product configurators. Through realistic product 3D visuals, clients’ expectations of the products they purchase are met. They are represented in 3D down to the slightest details and human gesture imperfections. Thanks to this, brands can significantly decrease the number of returned products.  

Indeed, our clients have experienced a drop in returned articles by approximately 40%

Secondly, 3D product configurators help you increase your revenues. Enhanced customer trust leads to an increase in purchases and thus conversions and sales. In fact, according to Forbes, with web product configurators, brands can witness an increase in their conversions by 40%.  

Furthermore, your brand can raise prices without decreasing the demand for the product. Indeed, shoppers are ready to pay a 20% premium [2] to see products in 3D (and AR), consequently increasing your revenues. 

Finally, better your brand image with product configurators through your consumers’ satisfaction. 

3. Save time and resources

Globe-Trotter 3D web product configurator
Globe-Trotter 3D web suitcase configurator
As a brand looking for success, it is only natural that you would look for the most efficient ways to do the work. What better way to do so than by adopting Configurateurs web de produits en 3D?  

Saving time and money
for brands is crucial to productivity. With a configurateur produit en 3D, productivity is assured, thanks to: 
  • photorealistic 3D product visuals,  
  • manipulation of the product for a tailored visualization,  
  • 360° view of the product, 
  • different scenes and views of the product.


The configurator generates endless visuals for your e-commerce website. Therefore, you can save time and money, in the long run, on never-ending costly photoshoots when the offer is prone to 3D rendering.

Furthermore, SmartPixels developed an internal visual generation platform, Product Visual Studio (PVS). It allows brands to configure the product they wish without any constraints and visualize it under any angle with a 360° visualization option as well. Therefore, brands can generate endless product visuals in a few clicks for all their channels.

Finally, through reduced returns, you save resources and waste. Indeed, 25% [3] of luxury articles purchased online are returned to their issuing brands. However, this number can significantly decrease with product configurators. 

4. Become more sustainable with 3D online product configurators

Made-to-order product sales cycle thanks to 3D visuals
Made-to-order product sales cycle thanks with 3D product configurators
The fashion industry is known to be an important contributor to the climate crisis. The fashion and luxury industries mostly bring their contribution to climate change through overproduction, waste, and the greenhouse gas emissions that follow.  

In fact, every year 92 billion tons [4] of textile are wasted in the fashion industry. This number is expected to increase by 60% des 2015 to 2030. Furthermore, according to McKinsey, the fashion industry itself is responsible for around 4% [5] of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions

Nevertheless, Configurateurs web de produits en 3D promote made-to-order production methods. The product is made only when the demand for it is clearly expressed. Therefore, the number of products produced exactly matches the number of products demanded, allowing a reduction of waste through a reduction in overproduction.  

Moreover, a reduced production rhythm reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.  


Overall, Configurateurs web de produits en 3D benefit brands by offering their consumers a better brand experience, thus increasing the brand’s performance. Embrace 4 of the numerous benefits from an online product configurator, to enhance your brand image and give your consumers a special online shopping experience.  


Get help from SmartPixels to start developing your 3D web product configurator here.
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