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Boosting omnichannel with a product configurator

Retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2017 to 2025
Retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2017 to 2025

“Omnichannel refers to selling through multiple channels, and increasingly a blend of digital and physical, whether by uniting a customer’s purchase history or fulfilling an order through more than one channel. [1]”


 As a consequence of the global pandemic, retailers worldwide rediscovered the relevance of digital et la site e-commerce. As today’s consumers have already done, brands must make a shift in their mindset. The idea is that websites are no longer here only to support stores. On the contrary, they can reinforce the customer experience, and transpose it into the digital universe.


SmartPixels offers 3D product configurators, custom product configurators, and in-store personalized experiences. These are useful tools to help your brand adopt an omnichannel strategy

How an online product configurator makes physical and digital work together

Interactive product configurator realized by SmartPixels for Church’s

Customers’ interactions with retail and online portals are constantly being reinvented. It is a direct consequence of both the technological advancements and the sanitary crisis, that impacted the experiential aspect of digitally enabled commerce.


A configurateur produit en 3D can provide a bridge between the virtual and the real paths to purchase. It keeps the hyperrealistic details of physical products and enriches them with the interactivity d' technology. Un product configurator software can help your customers visualize, configure and personalize the product they want.


We have built a configurateur produit en 3D for e-commerce for our client Church’s.Through the online product configurator, Church’s clients had the possibility to customize their own pair of shoes on the website, by choosing from a variety of product combinations. Afterward, they could head to the boutique to pick up their one-of-a-kind item.


By doing this, we enabled Church’s customers to live a true omnichannel shopping experience.


Product personalization: the key to an enriched experience

3D hyper-realistic rendering realized by SmartPixels for Berluti
3D rendering realized by SmartPixels

Today, the word “consumers” is up-to-date. On the contrary, clients should be better called “prosumers”. They seek to co-create with brands and to live immersive, seamless purchase experiences. Luxury brands need to be creative in the way they engage with their target audience to build meaningful relationships.


Gen Z et la Millennials customers are increasingly demanding highly personalized solutions. To illustrate, 44% of consumers are willing to give up their personal data to receive a more tailored offer.


What if you could lend the power of co-creation to consumers through personalization?

SmartPixels is an expert in the creation of personalized experiences online et la in-store. In 2019 LVMH’s owned brand Berluti relied on our knowledge to offer their clients a tailor-made in-store customized experience.


Witin their boutique, clients were supported by Berluti’s staff within the overall path to purchase. Thanks to the combination of augmented reality and video mapping technology, we made the iconic shoes digital and interactive. The SmartPixels product visualizer app allowed clients to see and customize their shoes as 3D assets.

How Augmented Reality brings life to products anywhere, anytime

Augmented Reality solution of a Chloé bag
Augmented Reality solution of a Chloé bag

Retailers nowadays are working to develop customer-centric strategies that make their items constantly accessible via the channels that their customers use.


How to allow your clients to try on your products anytime, from the comfort de sa homes?



According to to Goldman Sachs, AR applications can boost sales by 22%. The role of Réalité Augmentée is crucial, due to the wide variety of benefits it provides to end-users.


-Our interactive 3D configurator allows the projection in temps-réel d' realistic 3D models directly in the consumers’ environment. Therefore, they can see, zoom, rotate, and even try on the product anytime from anywhere.


-Today’s consumers are always connected with all their devices. By implementing an Augmented Reality experience, you’ll increase user-generated content and engagement on all the channels.


-SmartPixels gives you the opportunity to develop an Augmented Reality solution available on all of your customers’ devices, from mobile to tablets and desktop. This way, you will reach out to all communication channels.


How an interactive configurator can conquer your “always-on” Gen Z consumers

3D visual assets realized by Maison Valentino
3D visual assets realized by Maison Valentino

By 2025 it is estimated that Gen Z consumers will constitute 60% of global luxury spending [3]. Among this digitally savvy generation, it is fundamental for major luxury brands to embrace the right strategies.


Technology and connectivity are essential parts of Generation Z’s life. However, during recent years, they rediscovered the importance of physical stores. According to Forbes, 98% of them reported purchasing in brick-and-mortar stores at least sometimes. 



This means that in order to appeal to Gen Z, an omnichannel strategy is crucial. It is essential to reach out to them and create consistent content across all channels. To exemplify, 88% percent of zoomers say they prefer multichannel marketing [4].



By implementing a 3D interactive configurator on your website, you will be able to address Generation Z’s expectations. On the one hand, you will provide a tailored experience both online and in-store. On the other hand, 3D hyperrealistic visuals of your products can be implemented for all your marketing et la social media campaigns. 

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