How do 3D product configurators reduce e-commerce returns?

Product personalization on a Furla bag by SmartPixels
SmartPixels Product Personalization Experience

Overview of e-commerce product returns

% de personnes déclarant renvoyer les produits e-commerce par catégorie en France (2022)
% de personnes déclarant renvoyer les produits e-commerce par catégorie en France en 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a significant increase in online sales. Indeed, e-commerce purchases increased by $244.2 billion in 2020 [1].


One of the first consequences of the increase in online sales is the increase in product returns et refund requests. Indeed, the average return rate on e-commerce sites is between 20% and 30%. According to a study conducted by Shopify, 41% of consumers purchase items online to return them.


The fashion industry is one of the main areas where return rates are high. There are several explanations for why customers may return products purchased online, such as when the size of the product est not as expected, or the item looks different than it did on the website.


With SmartPixels’ photorealistic 3D rendering et configurateur produit en 3D technology, your brand can see a dramatic decrease in e-commerce product returns.


Creating photorealistic 3D renderings can help customers see all the details of a product. This allows them to make an informed decision before purchasing. Implementing an interactive 3D configurator for your e-commerce site can bring several advantages. It will increase your product customization sales, raise your average price et reduce the number of product returns.

The potential of 3D rendering to reduce returns

Rendu 3D utra-réaliste realisé par SmartPixels pour un sac Chloé
Photo-realistic 3D rendering by SmartPixels for a Chloé bag

76% of shoppers say they would return online purchases less often if e-commerce sites provided higher image quality et more accurate representation d' product details.


The online shopping experience is strictly a visual experience. Indeed, image quality is one of the main criteria for completing a transaction. Therefore, the implementation of photorealistic 3D visuals has become an essential part of the online shopping experience.


Buying is visual. It’s no longer enough to use static images or to try to attract customers in-store. Emotions need to be shared with the consumer when they are about to buy a luxury good. With 3D modeling software, brands can create a more engaging product experience on their e-commerce site that improves customer satisfaction.


3D modelling is an ideal solution, not only because this innovation generates high-quality product images without having to worry about the logistics of a photo shoot, but also because it provides an immersive experience on your e-commerce site.


Using 3D rendering technology allows you to significantly increase customer satisfaction et drastically reduce your product returns.

How to reduce returns with a 3D product configurator?

3D configurator made by SmartPixels for Camille Fournet 

An online 3D product configurator is a technology that allows you to visualize and configure products as 3D models in real time. Thus, a product can be customized in an infinity of variations in a few clicks.


An interactive product configurator allows your users to visualize products in 360°, zoom in on every detail, to dwell on every desired angle of view.


Another great advantage of using a 3D configurator on your e-commerce site is the possibility to customize in real-time your ideal product (size, materials, colour). Furthermore, the implementation of 3D rendering software favours on-demand production for brands.


Customers will be able to have a realistic preview of the desired product. In this way, the discrepancy between the appearance of the product online et in physical form will be reduced to zero.


Thanks to 3D software made by SmartPixels, you only produce the products requested by your customers. On average, customers have seen a 40% reduction in returns with SmartPixels’ 3D technology.

3 benefits of a 3D product configurator

Rendus 3D personnalisés réalisés pour Camille Fournet
Custom photorealistic renderings made for Camille Fournet

Originally, a product configuration tool is designed to provide online shoppers with a fun and engaging customization experience. However, it is also a powerful tool to significantly reduce online returns:


 – Photorealistic visuals give an accurate representation of your personalization options: photorealistic 3D models give your customers the ability to view a product from all angles. This gives them a more concrete idea of what they can expect.


 – Augmented reality can help solve dimensional issues: by using augmented reality on a mobile device or tablet, your customers can get a clear idea d' how the product will look in their environment before making a purchase.


 – Real-time changes on a screen reduce errors: During the customization process, product visuals et prices are updated as your customers make changes. The 3D preview of the final product allows your customers to see the exact item they will receive.


SmartPixels can help you create a ‘digital twin’ of your products or implement an online 3D configurator on your e-commerce site. We can help you reduce your product returns, increase your sales et minimize the number of unsold products.