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How do our customers exploit our 3D visuals?

Why should you start using 3D renderings ?

3D prototyping phase of a 3D rendering creation
3D prototyping phase of a 3D rendering creation

Having high-quality visuals has become fundamental for site e-commerce. Shoppers’ expectations are rising at a considerable pace. To illustrate, customers buying online prefer to have at least eight different visuals on each product page. However, traditional photography seems unable to keep pace with these needs.


3D renderings might represent the long-awaited solution to this constraint. Research results confirmed that. Brands using 3D rendering software on their product pages performed a 40% increase en conversion rates and a 30% boost in sales.


The creation of a 3D product rendering starts with the scan de la produit physique and its materials. The graphist team then operates their magic adjusting the lighting, texturing et la shading to give birth to a photorealistic 3D model


Once their products have been captured in 3D, our clients can generate unlimited 3D product visuals in a few clicks.


The applications of 3D renderings are endless. Interactive 3D animations can be seen in 360° mode et la Augmented Reality. These 360° visualizations of the products have become a must-have for online retailers. They give consumers confidence regarding the size, style, and dimensions of the products.

How have our customers chosen to deploy 3D renderings?

produits 3D interactif pour l’ e-commerce

Globe-Trotter product combinations realizable with a 3D interactive web configurator
Globe-Trotter product combinations realizable with a 3D interactive web configurator

3D renderings can be exploited to create e-commerce product configurators. It responds to the increasing personalization pursuit from consumers. To exemplify, 44% of them reported they would become repeated buyers after a product customization experience. SmartPixels’ real-time customization platform enables end clients to tailor les produits: fit, color, and material.


Gen Z consumers, in particular, seek to co-create with brands. They wish to obtain unique products that are entirely their own. Un 3D configurator is an easy-to-use tool that fosters any product configuration to be viewed in temps-réel and in a photoréaliste. 


Globe-Trotter, an iconic luggage brand, relied on SmartPixels’ 3D renderings expertise, to integrate a real-time product configurator on their site e-commerce. SmartPixels’ client was looking for a 3D de SmartPixels solution that would have allowed their clients to de le personnaliser les produits et la interact with unique product configurations online. 


We provide Globe-Trotter with an e-commerce 3D product configurator for three of their iconic luggage. Thanks to our interactive e-commerce configurator, customers could switch, combine, and design their customized suitcases in real-time, with incredible realism. 

Augmented Reality Shopping Experiences

Augmented Reality solution realized by SmartPixels
Augmented Reality solution realized by SmartPixels

Réalité Augmentée consists in overlaying visuels 3D, or other sensory information, into the real world, to strengthen one’s experience. Retailers can use this cutting-edge technology to increase sales and boosts customer satisfaction. To illustrate, 71% of online users reported they are willing to shop more using AR [1].


The market for AR solutions is expected to reach a value of $50 billion by 2024 [2]. Furthermore, it has gained prominent importance de la manière la fashion and luxury industry. Buying is a visual process. From a retail standpoint, showing an interactive product in 3D significantly raises the possibility that it will be purchased.


Thanks to Réalité Augmentée, consumers’ gap between expectations et la reality can be drastically reduced. Projecting in real-time 3D renderings of products, enable customers to interact directly with them. Therefore, with a 360° 3D visualization, they will be able to zoom in and out on complex product details, enabling them to see the item from every perspective and gain an idea of the most accurate size.


SmartPixels can help you to stand out by distinguishing your AR experience. Thanks to the exploitation of the configurateur produit en 3D software, your clients will be able to see visuels 3D, personalize them and visualize them in your space using AR. Our clients experienced an increase in consumer engagement et la user-generated content thanks to our AR experiences.


Visual content creation for all channels

Rendus 3D pour l'e-commerce et les réseaux socieaux
3D renderings to enhance a content creation strategy

Once the 3D modelling phase has been done, thousands of visuels 3D are ready to enrich your content creation strategy. Enhancing your eCommerce platforms and social media channels with hyperrealistic 3D visuals allows you to reinforce your content strategy with highly engaging content.


Substituting static images with 3D hyperrealistic visuals, you can create a truly immersive storytelling experience around your products. Going beyond basic product imagery, and developing 3D hyperrealistic visuals will increase traffic, brand engagement, and consequently sales.



To illustrate, aware of the relevance of product visualization on communication channels, Valentino relied on SmartPixels’ expertise. Thanks to the digitization de sa collection in 3D, consumers were spoiled with a diversity of engaging visual content. This ranges from the creation of a 3D product configurator to 360° interactive product visuals on their product page to unique animations on social media.



As a result, this initiative encouraged social sharing and led to a more personal experience with shoppers. 

In-store sales support tool

Interactive in-store experience realised for Carolina Herrera

Changing consumer needs are redefining the role of brick and mortar. With the covid pandemic, approximately 30% of all sales have moved online. Following the gradual recovery, physical stores have regained their importance. In fact, to engage and connect with customers, 40% d' retailers say they are expanding or developing new in-store experiences [3].

Les industries du luxury industry has been shaken up by the rise of new technologies. In particular, 3D de SmartPixels has upset the client-brand relationship. Real-time 3D renderings generation enables brands to guide their end clients in the complexity de sa offrir without having to display every product in-store.

As many 3D product configurations necessary can be displayed to aid the client to visualize its made-to-order products. This can significantly help the salesperson to accompany the client in-store. Using 3D de SmartPixels, it is now possible to sell with confidence products that have never existed. 


Les industries du sales d'une personalization offer can easily be boosted with the use of a configurateur de produits, helping to quickly et la easily test countless options. The brand can then decide how to present this offer in-store. 

It could either be displayed as a corner in-store where consumers interact with a system, like Carolina Herrera or as a powerful sales app tool for your salesperson. This way, they can guide le clients through the infinite possibilities of the offer. Both approaches have their benefits, it then depends on what is a better fit for your brand.

What problem are you looking to solve? If any of the above solutions seemed relevant to your business, don’t hesitate to reach out à la team for more info


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