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3 benefits to adopting 3D rendering vs 2D

Header with a 2D visual and 3D rendering of a Globe Trotter suitcase

3D rendering vs 2D: what are the benefits of one over the other? Table of Contents 3D rendering offers a significant leap in realism compared to its 2D counterpart. 2D rendering presents a flattened representation of a 3D structure, whereas 3D rendering unlocks the ability to visualize the structure in its entirety, capturing every detail, […]

3D product configurators: a new brand experience

Header of photorealistic 3D visuals of the Chloé C-bag

How can 3D product configurators help renew your brand experience? Table of Contents Retail eCommerce represents around 6.310 billion $USD and is expected to grow to attain 8.148 billion $USD in 2026 [1]. Therefore, the online brand experience is as important as the in-store experience, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. Why is this relevant?    […]

3D product customization: the way to sustainability?

3D product customization offer for Camille Fournet

3 ways of using 3D product customization to become more sustainable Table of Contents Nowadays, around 90% [1] of Gen Z consumers are more inclined to purchase products that benefit society.  In an increasingly socially and environmentally aware world, consumption habits change  in favor of sustainable options.   Consumers nowadays wish to consume in a […]

Mastering the art of crafting an effective RFP on 3D visuals

3D rendering staged on a background

How to write a Request For Proposal for 3D product visuals? Table of Contents Introduction:   In today’s business landscape, 3D product visuals are becoming increasingly important in marketing and sales strategies. They allow companies to showcase their products in a more realistic and engaging way, giving customers a better understanding of what they are […]

How do our customers exploit our 3D visuals?

Rendus 3D pour l'e-commerce et les réseaux socieaux

How do our customers exploit our 3D visuals? Why should you start using 3D renderings ? 3D prototyping phase of a 3D rendering creation Having high-quality visuals has become fundamental for e-commerce. Shoppers’ expectations are rising at a considerable pace. To illustrate, customers buying online prefer to have at least eight different visuals on each […]

Why should you use 3D renderings on your product page?

3D renderings of a Chloé bag

Why should you use 3D renderings on your product page? What is a 3D rendering? 3D rendering of a Chloé bag with an highlight on the 3D modelling phase The process of converting information from a 3D model into a 2D image is known as 3D rendering. 3D product renderings are subjected to a wide […]

gITF vs FBX : which one to opt for ?

3D hyper-realistic rendering by SmartPixels

glTF vs FBX: which one to opt for? Table of Contents You could have wondered several times which was the best file format for the 3D visuals on your platforms: glTF or FBX? This question might arise spontaneously within the topic of renderings 3D. For this reason, in this article, SmartPixels aims to provide you […]