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360° product viewer: AI powered product visualization

Interactive 360° Product Viewer

Based on automatic photo capture and machine learning, SmartPixels produces a 360° product viewer in minutes where traditional 3D would take days.
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Why SmartPixels AI powered 360°product viewer?

1 - Improved product visualization

Interactive 360° product viewer allow customers to immerse into your products, explore it from different angles and zoom in on details. This provides a more accurate representation of the product compared to traditional static 2D images.

2 - Affordable, fast and scalable product visualization

Our lightweight ‘3D-like’ assets ensure a seamless and interactive 3D experience on your e-commerce product page. Generate your 360° viewer in just minutes!
360° product viewer on e-commerce website

3 - Enhanced consumer engagement

Interactive and visually appealing features can capture users’ attention and encourage them to spend more time on the website. This increased engagement may lead to higher conversion rates.
360° product view on e-commerce

4 - Reduced return rates

360° viewer helps customers make more informed purchasing decisions. This, in turn, can increase consumer confidence and reduce the likelihood of returns, as customers have a better understanding of what they are buying.
Examples of 360° product views

How to set up a 360° product viewer for your products?

Step 1

  • Send us your products and their SKUs/commercial names

Step 2

  • In out automated photo studio, hundreds of shots are captured, under any angle

Step 3

  •  Using machine learning, a lightweight “3D” viewer is created

Step 4

  • We host the viewer for you and send you a URL for embedding each product into your e-commerce pages

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Once we receive your product, the 360° viewer will be available in one or two business days.
For large volume, contact us about on-site product capture, or a permanent capture studio at your location.
Based on a secure iframe, a single line of code is necessary to embed the 360° product viewer on your e-commerce website.

Learn more about e-commerce integrations 

Our optimized 360° product viewer takes between 3Mb and 10Mb depending on the complexity of the product. This is comparable or lighter than to a product video, and delivers infinite angles, zooms and animations.
As the process is primarily rooted in photography, it inherits certain constraints. Transparent objects, such as glassware and jewelry, as well as highly reflective materials like metals, pose challenges due to the nature of the initial photographic capture.

Our team is ready to work closely with you to explore potential solutions and ensure the optimal presentation of your unique products. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can tailor our approach to meet the specific requirements of your items.

Cost is split between product digitization (a few hundred euros per product, based on quantity), and then viewer hosting (multiple tiers are available based on the number of products). Our pricing is comparable to a turntable packshot.

Yes! Our lightweight 360° product viewer works on any modern mobile device (WeGL 2.0 required), as well as desktops and tablets, across any javascript/webgl capable browser.

Turntable packshots typically give you a single direction or rotation “around the product” and are typically heavy to download (for instance, 60x200Mb JPEG files for a viewer every 6 degrees).

Our 360° product viewer delivers a full 3D experience with rotation to any angle, animation, zoom.

Enhance your product visualization with SmartPixels' AI-powered 360° viewer.

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