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Elevate Your VIC Client Experience with SmartPixels’ Clienteling Solution

At SmartPixels, we understand the importance of forging meaningful connections with your clients. Our clienteling solution goes beyond traditional approaches, offering a visual and interactive experience that transforms the way salesclerks engage with high-value customers.

Why invest in a clienteling solution?

The power of personalization

Our clienteling solution empowers salesclerks by providing them with a unique tool giving the ability to send high-quality personalized visuals to their Very Important Customers (VIC), adding their initials for example.
Gone are the days of generic interactions; now, each engagement is a tailor-made experience, enhancing the personal connection between your brand and its most valuable customers.
SmartPixels Clienteling Platform

Visual innovation at your fingertips

SmartPixels’ visual clienteling solution is a game-changer. Imagine being able to showcase specific products, adapted to your VIP client’s preferences interactively and dynamically.
Our platform enables salesclerks to guide clients through a visually stunning personalized product journey, making the shopping experience not just transactional, but an immersive exploration.
Personalized 3D Product Configurator for clienteling

Assorted product visuals for a personalized dialogue

Beyond configurators, our solution allows brands to curate and send assorted product visuals directly to Very Important Customers based on their purchase history. This personalized approach goes beyond words, letting the images speak volumes.
Whether it’s a curated selection based on preferences, new arrivals, or exclusive releases – our clienteling solution ensures that each communication is visually compelling and tailored to individual tastes.
Personalized dialogue VIC client

SmartPixels’ clienteling solution key features:

Personalized 3D Configurator Storefront

  • Empower your sales team to create personalized product configurators for VIP clients to browse from home, ensuring a unique and engaging shopping experience.

Personalized Visual Product Showcase

  • Utilize high-quality 3D visuals to showcase tailored products to high-value customers (eg. adding initials…), creating an immersive and memorable brand experience.

One-to-One Conversations

  • Send assorted product visuals, based on consumer data,  that speak directly to your VIP clients, fostering a deeper and more qualitative dialogue.

Enhanced Consumer Relationship

  • Elevate customer engagement by leveraging our visual clienteling solution, making every interaction a visually stunning and unforgettable experience. 

Why choose SmartPixels’ clienteling solution?

SmartPixels offers the comprehensive set of tools necessary for delivering genuine, personalized customer engagement, focusing on building one relationship at a time.
SmartPixels Clienteling solution process

Unlock the potential of visual clienteling with SmartPixels – where innovation meets personalized engagement.

Elevate your Very Important Customer experience and redefine the art of meaningful connections.