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Traditional Photography or 3D product visuals – which one to choose for your brand?

Visuel TAG Heuer par SmartPixels Being visual is key to convey information memorably and interactively. Visual assets represent one of the most crucial types of content for brands. Indeed, according to a HubSpot study, 32% of marketers mentioned that visual images are the most important form of content for their business.   This is being […]

3D Renders: The new normal for e-commerce images

Chloé renders on model by SmartPixels Now is the time for brands to invest in 3D renders for eCommerce. The e-commerce industry is evolving at an extremely fast-pace: buyers are expecting a higher number of visual assets, and requesting more interactivity (zoom, 360° views, worn looks…). Traditional photography can’t scale with the growing demand of […]

E-commerce is boring as shelves

Chloé e-commerce website Why do most e-commerce websites display products in small thumbnail grids on a light background?   When the first few e-commerce websites were deployed, it certainly had a magical dimension which made it extremely attractive and fun. However, today that novelty effect surely has worn off. E-commerce has become as boring as […]

A new era for luxury: 3 trends to look for

As expected, the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis hit the luxury and fashion industry quite hard. The Boston Consulting Group predicted that sales in these sectors will drop by 25% to 30% compared to 2019. The truth is this crisis will most likely have long term consequences changing the way consumers think, act, and behave. The whole […]

How can luxury brands leverage the use of 3D to create unique customer experiences?

How can luxury brands leverage 3D to create unique customer experiences ? Chloé store with retail experience by SmartPixels As we are all aware, the luxury industry is in complete transformation due to new customer expectations and the emergence of new technologies. It is no longer the product itself that matters, it is the surrounding […]