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Mastering the art of crafting an effective RFP on 3D visuals

3D rendering staged on a background

How to write a Request For Proposal for 3D product visuals? Table of Contents Introduction:   In today’s business landscape, 3D product visuals are becoming increasingly important in marketing and sales strategies. They allow companies to showcase their products in a more realistic and engaging way, giving customers a better understanding of what they are […]

Augmented Reality: the new frontier of e-commerce


Augmented Reality : the new frontier for e-commerce Hogan NFTs by Exclusible Last week, SmartPixels had the opportunity to participate in the Netcomm Forum in Milan, a leading event in the field of digital retail, e-commerce, and multichannel technologies. One thing stood out during the fair: the role of product personalization and augmented reality are […]

Photo 2D VS Rendu 3D : Lequel choisir pour votre site e-commerce ?

Photo 2D vs Rendu 3D : Lequel choisir votre site e-commerce ? https://vimeo.com/559002324 La dimension visuelle est essentielle pour véhiculer des informations de manière impactante et interactive. Les visuels produits sont au cœur des performances commerciales des marques. Selon une étude réalisée par HubSpot, 32 % des experts en marketing ont évalué les visuels produits […]

Traditional Photography or 3D product visuals – which one to choose for your brand?

Visuel TAG Heuer par SmartPixels Being visual is key to convey information memorably and interactively. Visual assets represent one of the most crucial types of content for brands. Indeed, according to a HubSpot study, 32% of marketers mentioned that visual images are the most important form of content for their business.   This is being […]

E-commerce is boring as shelves

Chloé e-commerce website Why do most e-commerce websites display products in small thumbnail grids on a light background?   When the first few e-commerce websites were deployed, it certainly had a magical dimension which made it extremely attractive and fun. However, today that novelty effect surely has worn off. E-commerce has become as boring as […]

How to build a powerful shopping experience remotely?

How to build a powerful shopping experience remotely? Table of Contents Covid-19 has emphasized the need for salesclerks in store to keep in touch and communicate with shoppers remotely. No matter how hard it might be to visit stores with the current situation, luxury clients still expect the personal service associated with the industry when […]