What are 3D product configurators, and how can they help your brand?

Camille Fournet 3D product configurator
Camille Fournet - Watch Straps 3D Product Configurator

More and more brands are calling on companies capable of digitizing their collections in three dimensions. More real than life, these shoes or handbags become the stars of their websites. At the forefront of this hyper-realistic technology, SmartPixels is working with the major fashion luxury maisons.


With the intention to build a more personal relationship with consumers, brands are willing to offer their customers the opportunity to create their own product from a wealth of product variants. A 3D web configurator is a perfect tool to provide an engaging and fun consumer experience while reproducing all materials, variants, properties and texture photo-realistically.


Our 3D technology allows the creation of so-called “digital twins” oppure three-dimensional virtual representations of real products.


3D configurators are used in online store systems, trade fairs, or shops. Thanks to system-independent software systems, you can use them on all platforms.

What is a 3D product configurator?

configuratore di prodotto 3D

A real-time 3D configurator is an application that allows customers to view products from all angles and customize them interactively in real-time. It is a visual product customizer primarily used as a sales tool for sellers and as a decision-making aid for users on websites. It usually fulfils two functions: a detailed exploration of a product and the ability to customize an existing product to match specific needs.


Users can select every possible composition and combination of the desired product. Our configurators use the latest 3D rendering technology to create three-dimensional data and models.


La nostra tecnologia di rendering in tempo reale vi permette di vedere i prodotti come non li avete mai visti prima sul web. Poteteruotarli di 360 gradi, guardarli da tutte le angolazioni, focalizzarvi su ogni dettaglio, sentire la consistenza della pelle e anche la lucentezza di un fermaglio – quasi come se steste tenendo l'oggetto nelle vostre mani.

Increase your return on investment using 3D product configuration

You can’t sell a piece worth a few thousand euros online in the same way as you sell a cheap item. A series of images on a white background is no longer enough.


A 3D product configurator is attractive for anyone who wants to sell a personalized product experience with many variants on the Internet.


To do so, brands who care about delivering the best-in-class user experience will implement 3D visualization on their website.


At SmartPixels, we serve various industries facing this visual shopping experience hurdle.


We have been working with the following industries:


• Shoes

• Leathergoods

• Beauty

• Fragrances

• Apparel

• Jewelry and Watches


• Luggage


An online product configurator enables the products to be shown photo-realistically using 3D models. People spend four to ten times more time on a product page when they have access to an interactive experience like this one. 3D product configurators boost consumer confidence and conversion rates.


Forbes also found that online businesses using this technology had an astonishing 80% reduction in online returns. This simultaneously supports a more sustainable approach and saves money on storage costs.


In addition, product configurators increase consumer fidelity by building an emotional connection with consumers.

How can 3D product configurators help your team?

For the product team, 3D product configurators help your team gain valuable consumer insights thanks to analytics. For the first time, they can see what people are looking at and, more importantly, where they are looking the longest. On the heel of that shoe or on its lacing? On the seams of that handbag or on the inside?


For the sales team, the configurator act as a powerful sales tool in-store. The salesperson can easily guide consumers through the made-to-order offer e let them visualize in-real-time products that have never existed.


The configurator can be integrated with the brand system order management and automatically send the manufacturing file to the production team after the purchase. This represents a big gain in time for the sales team and it limits the errors in production.


For the marketing teams, 3D web product configurators boost consumer engagement and user-generated content. Improved visualization also leads to increased customer loyalty. Users tend to interact intensively with the item in a configurator. They develop a personal connection to the product, get creative, and develop their dream product with the brand- all these factors influence the purchase decision and emotional bond created with the brand.

There is no doubt that 3D is revolutionizing the view of an enormous range of fields globally. Interactive 3D offers better ways to answer every customer’s fundamental question: ‘Am I going to be satisfied with this product? What will my made-to-order product look like?’


Industry experts widely acknowledge that online reviews and traditional advertisements are no longer sufficient. Customers want to see the product, hold it in their hands, feel it, and get rid of all doubts before purchasing. A 3D web-based product configurator is the best way to make this happen.


How to get started?


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