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3 ways to leverage 3D scans

3D scan representation of an Akris bag

How 3D and AR are Revolutionizing Content Delivery and Customer Experience Table of Contents In the fast-evolving digital landscape, new technologies such as 3D design and augmented reality (AR) are proving to be game-changers, significantly accelerating content delivery while enhancing customer experiences in remarkable ways. These advancements are not just incremental improvements; they represent a […]

Top 10 3D product configurators for e-commerce retail

Featured image Camille Fournet 3D product configurator

Top 10 3D product configurators for e-commerce websites Table of Contents 80%¹ of visitors will return to a brand after configuring a product in 3D. Why is that? Simply because the human brain functions on emotions. If something is found to be interesting and attractive to a person, they are more likely to remember it […]

3 ways to leverage 3D scans

3D scan representation of an Akris bag

3 ways to embrace 3D scans for your fashion luxury brand Table of Contents When you stumble upon 3D renderings of a product, you might wonder: how is it done? Where does it start? Some 3D visuals start with 3D scans. However, it is not the case for every 3D render. If the idea of […]

4 benefits of adopting 3D web product configurators

Carolina Herrera web product configurator

How can you benefit from adopting 3D web product configurators? Table of Contents 50% [1] of consumers say they would become repeat buyers if the brand they purchased offered a personalized experience. With 3D web product configurators, it is possible to offer a personalized experience through a customizable product. The challenge luxury brands face today is […]

3D product configurators: a new brand experience

Header of photorealistic 3D visuals of the Chloé C-bag

How can 3D product configurators help renew your brand experience? Table of Contents Retail eCommerce represents around 6.310 billion $USD and is expected to grow to attain 8.148 billion $USD in 2026 [1]. Therefore, the online brand experience is as important as the in-store experience, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. Why is this relevant?    […]

Elevating Product Personalization to New Heights: Globe-Trotter

Hybrid 3D product and Photo rendering, Mixed reality

Revolutionizing Product Personalization: the case of Globe-Trotter Table of Contents How SmartPixels Transformed Globe-Trotter’s product personalization experience? In this client testimonial, Ryan Vaughan, the digital operations manager, and Tom Baker, the digital marketing manager, both from Globe-Trotter, share their experience of working with SmartPixels on their product personalization experience.   The article covers the benefits […]

Leather goods: 5 3D product configurators to boost sales

Configuratore di prodotto 3D per l'e-commerce

Leather goods: 5 3D product configurators to boost sales The rise of 3D product configurators Luxury leather goods revenues The luxury industry has just recently started to bounce back from the severe hits provided by the COVID-19 pandemic. To exemplify, luxury leather goods revenues dropped by 16.37% between 2019 and 2020 [1].    On the other […]

How 3D product configurators can help your brand?

Camille Fournet 3D product configurator

What are 3D product configurators, and how can they help your brand? Camille Fournet – Watch Straps 3D Product Configurator More and more brands are calling on companies capable of digitizing their collections in three dimensions. More real than life, these shoes or handbags become the stars of their websites. At the forefront of this […]

5 conseils pour concevoir un configurateur 3D optimisé

3D product configurator Globe-Trotter

5 conseils pour concevoir un configurateur visuel optimisé ​ Table des matières Offrir des expériences utilisateurs interactives à vos clients et les déployer sur votre plateforme e-commerce est désormais plus facile que jamais.  De nombreux moteurs de conception et logiciels de rendu 3D photoréalistes offrent une multitude de possibilités aux marques pour vendre en ligne […]

5 conseils pour une personnalisation produit réussie

3D visual, 3D Configurator, 3D shoes, Photorealistic 3d visuals, Berluti

5 conseils pour une personnalisation produit réussie La personnalisation des produits peut augmenter la fidélité et l’engagement des clients. https://vimeo.com/641913426 Les offres de personnalisation produits aident les marques à augmenter les ventes en magasin et en ligne. Ce n’est pas sans raison que Nike propose à ses clients de customiser leurs chaussures, que Carolina Herrera […]

6 consigli per migliorare l’esperienza del cliente online con un configuratore di prodotti interattivo

Configurateur produit interactif backnet Valentino

https://www.smartpixels.fr/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Home-Header-1.mp4 Configuratore prodotto interattivo SmartPixels 6 consigli per migliorare l’esperienza del cliente online con un configuratore di prodotti interattivo Vuoi offrire ai tuoi clienti un’esperienza di shopping coinvolgente che mantenga la loro attenzione e li incoraggi a rimanere con il tuo marchio? Un configuratore di prodotti interattivo è lo strumento ideale. Offrire un servizio di […]

Configuratore 3D: lo strumento di personalizzazione indispensabile per il tuo marchio

Cos’è un configuratore 3D e perché investirci? Configuratore prodotto interattivo – Valentino Rockstud Pet Le esperienze interattive dei prodotti, come il 3D o la realtà aumentata, non sono mai state così popolari. Nell’era digitale, i marchi sono più sensibili che mai a soluzioni visive coinvolgenti. In effetti, la generazione Z sente il bisogno di esprimersi […]

Solution de configuration 3D: l’outil de personnalisation indispensable à votre marque

Louboutin Beauté Configurateur Produit

Qu’est-ce qu’une solution de configuration 3D et pourquoi investir dans cet outil ? Table of Contents Les expériences produits interactives, telles que celles utilisant la modélisation 3D, l’intelligence artificielle ou la réalité augmentée, n’ont jamais été autant en vogue. A l’ère du digital, les marques sont plus que jamais sensibles aux solutions 3D, visuelles engageantes. […]