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E-commerce is boring as shelves

Chloé e-commerce website Why do most e-commerce websites display products in small thumbnail grids on a light background?   When the first few e-commerce websites were deployed, it certainly had a magical dimension which made it extremely attractive and fun. However, today that novelty effect surely has worn off. E-commerce has become as boring as […]

Why being more personal matters? Four benefits of product customization

Product customization: why being more personal matters Table of Contents Consumers’ behavior has evolved over the years. In fact, modern-day shoppers are keen on looking for personalized products. To illustrate, approximately 50% of clients say they would become repeat buyers if they had a personalized shopping experience with a brand [1]. Younger generations are looking […]

How a product configurator can boost omnichannel

SmartPixels' 3D assets for several channels

Boosting omnichannel with a product configurator Retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2017 to 2025 “Omnichannel refers to selling through multiple channels, and increasingly a blend of digital and physical, whether by uniting a customer’s purchase history or fulfilling an order through more than one channel. [1]”    As a consequence of the global pandemic, retailers […]

How can 3D configurators help you make a difference

Concept configurator by smartPixels As the way we shop is changing, customer’s expectations are evolving. According to Statista, almost half of online purchases were made from mobile devices in 2019. Consumers are more and more demanding, free returns are becoming the new normal no matter the environmental consequences. However, numbers about the current situation are […]

5 rules for successful product customization

Product personalization

5 rules for successful product customization Table of Contents Unlocking sales potential: empowering brands with product personalization Brands like Nike, Carolina Herrera, and Gucci now let customers create customized products, giving them more control and choices. The impact is not negligible. A study conducted by Bain & Company underscores the significance of product customization, revealing […]

How can luxury brands leverage the use of 3D to create unique customer experiences?

How can luxury brands leverage 3D to create unique customer experiences ? Chloé store with retail experience by SmartPixels As we are all aware, the luxury industry is in complete transformation due to new customer expectations and the emergence of new technologies. It is no longer the product itself that matters, it is the surrounding […]