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Augmented Reality: benefits for brands and their consumers

Away Travel suitcase in Augmanted Reality

Why use Augmented Reality for your brands? Table of Contents From military, industrial, and medical uses of Augmented Reality, the one that most retains our attention is Augmented Reality for retail, and more specifically luxury fashion. In recent years, brands have been capturing the use of such technology to embrace all the aspects they could […]

3 ways to leverage 3D scans

3D scan representation of an Akris bag

3 ways to embrace 3D scans for your fashion luxury brand Table of Contents When you stumble upon 3D renderings of a product, you might wonder: how is it done? Where does it start? Some 3D visuals start with 3D scans. However, it is not the case for every 3D render. If the idea of […]

24 key numbers behind Augmented Reality (AR)

AR for Berluti

24 key numbers you have to know about Augmented Reality (AR) Table of Contents 60% [1] of consumers today say that they wish to be able to envision the aspect of a product in their own environment. This hints at augmented reality (AR). Consumers are ever more expressive concerning their desire for innovative brand experiences.  […]

Decoding the essentials of an effective omnichannel strategy

Rendus 3D pour stratégie omnicanale

Omnichannel strategy: the keys to a successful experience Chloé Tokyo store with a personalization experience created by SmartPixels The global pandemic has forced brands around the world to reconsider the value of digital and e-commerce. Brands need to change their mindset, as consumers have already done. Websites no longer exist solely to help retailers. Instead, […]

How AR helps luxury brands to build immersive experiences

Augmented Reality solution developed by SmartPixels

How AR helps luxury brands to build immersive experiences What is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality solution by SmartPixels Augmented Reality is a technology that enables users to seamlessly blend virtual objects with the real-world environment. It displays them in real-time as superimposed 3D renderings on the screens of devices such as phones and tablets.   […]

3D configuration for luggage: drive sales with 3D and AR

3D rendus realisé par SmartPixels

3D configuration for luggage: drive sales with 3D and AR 3D rendering of a Globe-Trotter luggage created by SmartPixels Luxury shoppers have a particular fondness for singular items. As a result, when buying high-end luggage, they consider every detail extremely closely. Utilizing a specific body material, selecting a unique strap, or deciding on a particular […]

3 ways beauty brands are using Augmented Reality

3D Augmented Reality solutions

3 ways beauty brands are using Augmented Reality Augmented Reality 3D visualization Augmented Reality (AR) technology allows users to superimpose virtual content (e.g. images, sounds, text) over a real-world environment.   It exploits 3D, computer-generated visuals, and “brings to life“, items that are not physically present in the user’s environment. Augmented Reality has been demonstrated […]

Why it is worth investing in shoe virtual try-on?

Essayage virtuel chaussures by SmartPixels

Why is it worth investing in shoe virtual try-on? Frequent AR consumers based on age range Augmented Reality : a rising trend The e-commerce market is predicted to increase by roughly $11 trillion between 2021 and 2025 [1].   As businesses moved online during the COVID-19 epidemic, the global digitalization trend increased at a breakneck […]

Augmented Reality : 3 reasons for investing

Augmented Reality Experience

Why brands should invest in Augmented Reality Table of Contents Augmented Reality (AR), which must not be misunderstood with Virtual Reality (VR), anchors virtual elements in the real world. It employs 3D technology, uses computer-generated images, and creates objects not palpable in the user’s environment. This technology is slowly but surely revolutionizing the world of […]

Augmented Reality: the new frontier of e-commerce


Augmented Reality : the new frontier for e-commerce Hogan NFTs by Exclusible Last week, SmartPixels had the opportunity to participate in the Netcomm Forum in Milan, a leading event in the field of digital retail, e-commerce, and multichannel technologies. One thing stood out during the fair: the role of product personalization and augmented reality are […]