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Discover SmartPixels’ top-notch 3D scanning services

Whether your 3D studio is overbooked, you are lacking resources or you are simply not ready to invest in multiple costly 3D scanners, SmartPixels have got you covered!
Our cutting-edge technology and expert team ensure precise and accurate 3D scanning services, allowing you to capture detailed rough 3D models. Our team of seasoned professionals, backed by extensive industry experience, is poised to ensure the success of your upcoming digitization endeavour. 

Why should brands scan their products in 3D?

Harness the power of 3D scans to unlock a multitude of advantages, including: 

Interactive 3D Product Visualizations

With 3D scans, you can present your products in an immersive and engaging way, allowing customers to explore every angle, zoom in, and interact with the 3D Digital Twin. This enhances their understanding of your products and boosts their confidence in making a purchase. 
Camille Fournet photorealistic 3D rendering

Interactive 3D Product Personalization

Leveraging 3D scans, you can offer personalized and tailor-made products. By capturing precise measurements and details of individual customers, you can create customized products that perfectly fits their needs and preferences. This level of personalization enhances customer loyalty e drives repeat purchases.  
Camille Fournet 3D product configurator

Augmented Reality Experiences

By utilizing 3D scans, you can enable customers to visualize products in their environment at the right scale, to virtually try on clothing, accessories, or even cosmetics. They can see how the items look on themselves or in their environment, increasing convenience and customer satisfaction. 
SmartPixels AR filter
Incorporating 3D scans into your workflow empowers your business with visually stunning, interactive experiences, e opens up new avenues for customer engagement, satisfaction, and sales growth

Benefits of SmartPixels 3D Scanning Services

At SmartPixels, our focus is on delivering high-quality 3D scans, prioritizing accuracy, and precision in capturing the subject. Here’s how we ensure top-notch results:

High-Quality 3D laser scans

We employ state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning devices capable of capturing intricate details with exceptional precision. These high-resolution laser 3D scanners ensure that every element of your subject is captured accurately, leaving no room for compromise in the final output. 
SmartPixels Advanced 3D laser Scanning Equipment
Advanced 3D laser Scanning Equipment

Experienced 3D scanning service team

Our team of skilled 3D artist are well-versed in operating the 3D laser scanning equipment and optimizing the 3D scanning process. 
They utilize advanced data processing techniques to meticulously process the captured 3D scans. Through meticulous cleanup, reconstruction, e refinement processes, we ensure that the resulting data is of the highest quality, ready for use in various applications. 
SmartPixels 3D scanning services for Furla

Tailored 3D scanning services

With years of experience in the fashion and luxury industry, our team understands the specific needs of different types of products (leather goods, shoes, luggage…), tailoring our 3D scanning services to meet your requirements. 
We offer flexible 3D scanning services, allowing you to choose the level of detail, resolution, and format that best suits your project needs.
3D wireframe of a Chloé bag

Time and cost efficiency

We implement rigorous quality control measures to guarantee the accuracy and consistency of our outputs. Our experienced professionals meticulously review and verify the scanned data, ensuring it meets the required standards and matches your specific project requirements.  
By leveraging our experience in the 3D field and our efficient processes, we provide quick turnaround times without compromising on the quality of the 3D laser scans, saving you time and resources. 
3D rendering of a Chloé bag

Confidentiality and security

We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your data, ensuring that your 3D scans and sensitive information remain protected
3D scan data security
By combining state-of-the-art equipment, advanced data processing techniques, e meticulous quality control, we guarantee that the results we deliver are accurate, reliable, and optimized for your specific needs.  
While retopology is not performed at this stage, our focus is on capturing accurate and detailed raw 3D scan data, providing a solid foundation for subsequent stages of the 3D modeling pipeline. 

Our customers say it best!

"The level of customer service of SmartPixels to the client success is fantastic. SmartPixels was able to capture 125 years of Globe-Trotter’s craftsmanship, history, heritage better than we could have ever imagined. The level of detail we’ve been able to achieve on the renders is second to none. Hence why we’ve opted to replace our packshots across specific products with the renders from SmartPixels."
Profile picture Tom Baker
Tom Baker
Digital Marketing Manager at Globe-Trotter

The process: How SmartPixels 3D scan an object step by step?

When 3D scanning a product with SmartPixels using a laser scan, the following general process is typically followed: 

Step 1: Preparation & Setup

The product to be 3D scanned is prepared by ensuring it is clean and free from any debris or dirt that could affect the scan quality. We start with meticulous preparation, strategically placing markers as reference points on the platform and product. The object is positioned precisely, capturing its desired form and orientation. Any reflective or shiny surfaces may require a special coating or markers to aid in the scanning process.

The scanning equipment is set up in a controlled environment to minimize external factors that could impact the scan quality. This includes controlling lighting conditions, reducing vibrations, and positioning the subject appropriately.

Step 2: 3D Scanning

The laser scanning process begins, where the laser scanner emits a laser beam that sweeps across the product's surface. The 3D scanner, equipped with multiple lasers and cameras, measures the time it takes for the laser to bounce back, capturing precise distance and geometric information immediately visible. Multiple scans are typically performed from various angles to capture a comprehensive view of the product.

The final scans faithfully represent the object, capturing intricate details like engravings and embossments, producing a detailed point cloud.

Step 3: Data Processing

Through a precise fusion of multiple scans, we create a unified scan for each product. Once the scans are complete, the captured data is processed using advanced data processing techniques. This involves cleanup, alignment, and refinement processes to enhance the quality and accuracy of the scan data. Noise reduction algorithms may be applied to remove any unwanted artefacts or imperfections.

Artboard 11

Step 4: Quality Control

The processed scan data is rigorously reviewed and checked for any misalignments, inconsistencies, or errors. This ensures that the final scan data meets the required quality standards and accurately represents the product.

Step 5: Final Output

The high-quality scan data is then delivered to the client in a suitable format, such as a 3D point cloud or a high-quality mesh file that can be exported in OBJ or STL format, ready for further use in various applications. It can be utilized for 3D visualization, virtual reality, augmented reality, product design, or any other desired application.

Experience with SmartPixels the power of accurate and detailed 3D scans, transforming physical objects into digital representations with exceptional precision and realism. 

Gli utenti chiedono anche…

3D scanning is the process of capturing the geometry and appearance of real-world objects or environments to create digital representations in three dimensions. It involves using specialized equipment, such as 3D scanners, to capture the physical characteristics of an object or space and convert them into digital data. 
There are various techniques used in 3D scanning, including laser scanning, structured light scanning, photogrammetry, and volumetric scanning. Each technique utilizes different principles and technologies to capture the shape, texture, and color information of the subject. 
During the scanning process, the scanner emits signals, such as laser beams or light patterns, or captures multiple images from different angles. These signals or images are then processed to generate a digital representation of the object or environment. The resulting 3D scan data can be visualized, manipulated, and used for various purposes, including 3D modeling, animation, Augmented Reality, quality inspection, preservation of cultural artefacts, and more. 
To deliver usable output, our skilled team transforms the scan into a high-quality mesh. The resulting mesh can be seamlessly exported in OBJ or STL format, ready for various applications.
It usually takes us around 45 minutes per product geometry.
At SmartPixels, we specialize in digitizing a wide range of fashion luxury goods, including:
leather goods,
– and apparel
Our advanced 3D scanning technology allows us to capture the intricate details and unique characteristics of these products with exceptional precision.
Whether it’s a luxurious leather handbag, a pair of exquisite shoes, stylish apparel, or elegant luggage, our scanning process ensures that every aspect is accurately digitized. We understand the importance of preserving the quality and craftsmanship of fashion luxury goods, and our expertise in digitization allows us to create high-fidelity digital representations that showcase the beauty and intricacy of these products.
With our scanning services, fashion brands can unlock new possibilities for visualization, customization, augmented reality and virtual try-on experiences, and more, bringing their luxury goods into the digital realm with unparalleled accuracy and realism.
Our 3D scanning studio is based in Paris, 43 rue du rendez-vous, 75012.
You can either send the products to our digitization studio or we can come to your office and scan your collection in 3D.

Get in touch with SmartPixels for further inquiries or to discuss your 3D scanning project!