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3 ways to embrace 3D scans for your fashion luxury brand

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When you stumble upon 3D renderings of a product, you might wonder: how is it done? Where does it start? Some immagini 3D start with 3D scans. However, it is not the case for every 3D render.  
If the idea of 3D scans is blurry for you, then you are on the right page. In this article, we provide you with 3 ways to embrace 3D scans for you to understand the powerful aspect that 3D scans can bring to your brand.

Why do brands opt for 3D scans to create their 3D renders?

3D laser scanning process
3D laser scanning process
The decision of a brand to produce its 3D renderings starting from 3D scans depends solely on the brand’s available resources and project requirements. Indeed, starting from 3D scans of a product can be advantageous when: 
  • L'industria product exists: in this case, it is more practical to start with a 3D scan as the 3D modeling process will be made easier for the brand’s project.
  • L'industria product is complex: the complexity of a product’s shape, size, and forms are easily captured through 3D scans. Thus, using this feature as a starting point, you can reduce the possibility of errors while modeling the product.
  • Resources are made available: with any service, resources must be made available to ensure the good functioning of the process. For example, 3D scanners, the right expertise in 3D scanning, and the money needed to make the rest of the resources available. 
Therefore, a brand can choose to start from a 3D scan or not, depending on the requirements and circumstances of the 3D rendering project. 

3 features you can implement following 3D scans

1. Engaging 3D product visualization

The first and most obvious use your brand could make of our 3D scanning services is a 3D visualization of the product.  The high-quality mesh we provide you after the 3D scan will enable you to create di rendering 3D fotorealistici. As a result, your conversion rates are very likely to increase. To illustrate, 44% [1] of shoppers are more likely to buy a product after trying it out in 3D
With SmartPixels’ 3D renderings, your customers will be able to visualize a 3D version of their product in a more dynamic and interactive way. They could view their product from any angle, from a 360° view, zooming in and out, increasing their satisfaction.  
With SmartPixels, we make sure that the 3D product visual perfectly matches the physical product. You could say that the 3D product visual is a copia digitale. Therefore, your brand can benefit from reduced product returns.  
Indeed, the main reason for returned articles in the fashion industry is the discrepancies between the visual shown on the e-commerce website and the actual product received. In fact, in the luxury industry, 25% [2] of purchases made online are returned to their issuing brands.  
SmartPixels have been involved in numerous projects to create digital twins such as Paco Rabanne for its Olympéa perfume. SmartPixels helps you enhance your product visualization online while reducing your product returns. Our clients testified! 

They said it better!

Our clients have witnessed a decrease of 40% in returns thanks to 3D renderings of their products.
Product returns

2. Online web product configurators thanks to 3D digitalization

Another way to embrace our 3D scanning services is by introducing customizable products to your product offers. Not only do you gain an additional differentiating factor to your brand’s uniqueness, but you also guarantee multiple benefits.  
First, according to a study by Shopify, 50% [3] of consumers have stated that they would be more likely to purchase from a brand if they offered a personalized experience. Therefore, you ensure your brand repeat customers and positive word-of-mouth, increasing your sales. 
Then, you can increase your margins as shoppers would be ready to pay a 40% of shoppers would pay a premium [4] to live a customization experience in AR (using 3D). Consequently, you could increase your revenues with production costs remaining constant. 
Finally, you can reduce your carbon footprint grazie made-to-order production methods. Due to the unpredictability of the product demands, customized articles can only be produced once ordered, reducing the 92 billion tons [5] of waste generated each year, and the 2 billion dollars [6] of greenhouse gas emissions. 

SmartPixels x Camille Fournet

SmartPixels developed the Camille Fournet Watch strap 3D web configurator. Clients can design their own watch thanks to the multiple customizable options on the bracelet. From the watch strap to the material to the shape of the watch screen, the product is fully personal and unique in the client’s way.
Camille Fournet web product configurator

3. Augmented Reality and NFTs

Finally, using 3D scanning can be useful to Realtà Aumentata and NFT creation. 
On the one hand, Realtà Aumentata can be leveraged for your marketing strategies to attract new clients and stir up your customers’ curiosity about your brand. Indeed, Realtà Aumentata has a promising market that has been growing strong these past few years. It is predicted to reach a worth of 88.6 billion $USD [7].  
The use of AR has been extended from video games to the luxury industry as a way to keep current clientele coming, attract new customers and expose the innovative sides of fashion luxury brands. Therefore, through 3D scans, leveraging the potential of AR is at the tip of your reach

Jacquemus' AR marketing

The luxury brand Jacquemus leveraged Augmented Reality thanks to 3D scanning with an AR filter that showed its users the creator’s famous Bambino Bag as cars and buses for a Marketing Campaign. The brand repeated its use of AR through virtual try-on filters for the brand’s famous bob hat.  
Jacquemus augmented reality marketing strategy
On the other hand, another way to leverage 3D scans is through NFT oppure avatar creation. An increasing number of brands are starting to implement themselves through NFT sales. Several of them use this feature as a reward for customer loyalty.  
For example, Dior is going to launch the B33 shoe NFTs in the fall. The brand offers the opportunity to obtain a B33 digital twin as an NFT that also gives its holder exclusive early access to the Spring/Summer collection of 2024.   
Other brands opted for the sale of articles that can only be sold in certain brands’ virtual worlds or to avatars. That is the case for Valentino and its virtual outfits. 

Valentino x Meta

Valentino developed outfits that can only be sold to avatars in the Meta Universe thanks to a partnership with the social media giant.  
Valentino's avatars in the Meta virtual Universe


Overall, brands prefer turning to 3D scans for practical reasons if the project circumstances allow it.  
Indeed, 3D scans are the key to an endless list of possibilities regarding its use once it has been turned into di rendering 3D fotorealistici. From digital twins to new product customization offers on your e-commerce website, to an expansion onto very promising markets, the power of 3D scans is unquantifiable. 
SmartPixels is committed to providing your brand with high-quality 3D scans of your products. Reach out to the team so they can understand your needs and grant you product-tailored 3D scans.
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