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of shoppers point to product images as the most influential factor in their purchasing decision.

SmartPixels power your brand with hyper-realistic 3D assets that will help you sell more.

Why integrate SmartPixels’ 3D on your e-commerce website?

Hyper realism of our 3D visuals

Let your visuals tell your story
convey your know-how and display your product quality. Leveraging 3D technology, brands can display more than the expected 8 images per product page.  
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3D Configurator driving sales

Let consumers co-create with brands and give life to their unique product. Studies show that customers are 60% more likely to convert if they were implicated in the creation process at some point.   
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Generate the manufacturing files

Our platform automatically sends the production sheet of the unique product to the manufacture, removing the margin of error and potential returns.  

Successful e-commerce integrations testimonials

“Valentino has worked with SmartPixels on the development of online configurators for a variety of products. The integration of SmartPixels with SAP has resulted in a seamless integration into Valentino's business operations and enabled excellent consumer experiences around product customization.”
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Marcello COLOMBO
Senior Manager in Digital Solutions @ Valentino

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