Meet the people behind SmartPixels.

Julien Berta

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive and Founder of SmartPixels. Julien is an expert project manager in virtual and augmented reality with more than 15 years of experience…

Jeremy Verdo

Chief Marketing & Products Officer - Co-Founder

Jeremy leads all marketing efforts for SmartPixels. He is the former founder of Ascleo, and has graduated from HEC Paris and Ecole Polytechnique…

Louise Hoefler

Vice-president, Finance&HR

Louise is in charge of admin, finance and human ressources topics at SmartPixels. She joined the team after 3 years working as strategic consultant for CAC 40 compagnies…

Marie Guilloton

Vice-president, Marketing

At heart, Marie is a  growth hacking enthusiast who lives and breathes open-innovation.

Marie is SmartPixels’ Marketing VP. Her role is to spread the word about SmartPixels, the reference…

Alexandre Guillermic

UX designer

Alexandre is a technology enthusiast UX/UI Designer at SmartPixels.

After studying industrial design for 4 years between Paris and Marseille…

June Rivol

Marketing Intern

June joined the Marketing team at SmartPixels in May 2023, bringing her passion for content creation to promote SmartPixels across various channels…

Quentin Yan

Vice-president, Projects

Quentin is SmartPixels’ Junior Business Developer. He goes on fairs, meetings all over the place and shows how amazing the technology is, and collects business card.

From an engineering background specialised in image processing, Quentin developed in the past…

Gabriel Cochet

Junior Project Manager

Gabriel is a Junior Project Manager at SmartPixels, with a strong technical background.

After graduating from Ecole Centrale Paris in 2019, he worked as a Software & Full Stack Engineer, then as a Procurement Coordinator….

Dorian Schnepp

Vice-president, Graphic production

At ease like no other in a FabLab, Dorian is an Design and Industrial Engineer with strong abilities in manufacturing process.
Head of the Hardware department, he supports the projects from the prototype phase to their industrialization.

He is now in charge of developing…

Albin Dorléans

Senior Graphic Artist

Albin is SmartPixels’ very own 3D Artist, a proud chinese food enthusiast, who loves hip-hop and knows everything there is to know about pears.

Passionnate about graphic arts and real-time 3D editing, Albin graduated from Isart Digital’s Game Art section in Paris where he studied graphics…

Remy Hua

3D Integrator

Rémy is a bit of an oddball in the team: as integrator, their work dabbles in both Software development and graphical tasks – although they usually don’t stray far from Unity3D.

Born with a video game consoles in their hands, they have been showing interest in video games…

Iris Geoffroy

Junior, Product digitization

Iris is the acquisition & digitisation operator at SmartPixels, which allows her to ally her appeal for visual production and optimisation.
With a degree in 3d infography at New3dge, she is interested in the different uses and innovations in 3D… 

Ludovic Chatin

Graphic Artist

Ludovic is a Junior 3D artist specialized in real-time 3D, and not less of an expert in 2D.

Passionate about 3D since a very early age, he began his training in printing before fulfilling his destiny by graduating in Game Art from the prestigious Isart Digital…

Bilel Touili

Junior 3D Integrator

Bilel is a 3D integrator passionate about graphic arts in all its forms. Before joining Smartpixels he worked in the video games and architectural visualization industries.

He likes creativity and is always looking for interesting and innovative projects…


Malek Tarifa

Senior Graphic Artist

Malek is an experienced senior graphic artist at SmartPixels, specializing in 3D product modeling. He joined the company in May 2023, bringing with him his passion for graphic arts and over 10 years of experience in 3D modeling for luxury brands. Malek’s expertise also extends to 3D scanning.  

Oksana Tovstolytkina

Vice-president, Software

Oksana is a Software Developer at SmartPixels with strong skills in C++ and C# programming languages combined with a high knowledge of applied mathematics.

She has experience as a software engineer working on data security software for privileged identity…

Antoine Criquy

Senior Software Developer

Antoine joined SmartPixels team as a senior developer in 2018.

After earning a MSc in computer graphics from the Université Paris-Est-Marne-la-Vallée, he spent 12 years working for an IT services company and a software editor, where he enlarged his programming expertise…

Sébastien Delaroque

Senior Software Developer

Sébastien is a senior developer at SmartPixels. He can talk to computers in C and C++ as well as in higher level languages like C# and Python.

Sébastien worked for more than 8 years in the Simulation & Virtual Reality department at Diginext. He worked both for Defense and Industry…

Jeremy Schotte

Software Developer

Jérémy is a Junior Software Developer. He was a student at School 42, and joined the SmartPixels team in 2019.

His school and personnal interest for computer science allowed him to work with a lot of programming languages from low-level like C, to higher like C# or Java…