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Oksana Tovstolytkina

Vice-president, Software

Specialized in mathematical engineering applied to robotics, Oksana is the vice-president of the software development team at SmartPixels. She is responsible for coordinating the work of the dev team to ensure timely delivery of projects and development of internal products and tools.


She completed the first part of her studies in her home country, Ukraine. She graduated in engineering at the Ecole de Mines and joined SmartPixels in 2015, as the first employee!


She considers developers to be like artists who use code as a means to express their creativity. At SmartPixels she accompanies them on this path. An admirer of pure mathematical logic, she also contributes to SmartPixels’ R&D activities, from matrix transformations to deep learning.


Outside of the professional sphere, Oksana is highly involved in supporting her own country, Ukraine, to provide them with medical and first aid supplies. Moreover, when she has some free time, she loves walking in the middle of nature, solving nonograms, and swimming.