They trust us

We create unforgettable customer experiences
for personalized products online and in-store.

Try our 3D product configurator.

Our photo-realistic customization platform will allow your consumers to tailor products: fit, color, material.
Thanks to 3D generation, brands can offer consumers what they want to see in simple steps, giving them confidence in what they are buying.
Across social media, e-commerce and in-store experiences, great product visuals and experiences boost brand engagement and conversion rates.

Images sell products. We make sure you never run out.

The visuals below are not photographs. They are SmartPixels 3D renderings.

Placing personalization at the heart of your consumer experience.


Deploy a product configurator on your e-commerce website.

Consumers start creating their personalized good on the 
product configurator hosted on the brand website.


Create awareness for your customization offer.

Consumers discover bespoke universe of the brand through 3D visual assets on the brand’s platforms (e-commerce website, social media advertising, google ads, mailing…).


Create a coherent and engaging personalization offer in your shops.

Consumers finalize their design in-store where they have the assistance of the sales team and their interactive tool. 

Major luxury brands have selected SmartPixels for our unique customization experiences and exceptional visual fidelity.
Knowing that our customers have measured up to x3 in revenue thanks to our solutions, what are you waiting for?