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Discover our 3D product renderings for luggage.

Give your customers creative freedom with an interactive 3D product configurator.

Allow your consumers to customize and visualize in real-time products in 3D. Powering up every pattern’s personality, brands add uniqueness to their products.
But first, you need photorealistic 3D images. The SmartPixels team is here to digitize your products in 3D and integrate them into a unique customer experience. Developing, for example, 3D configurators for your bespoke offer.
3D product configurator Globe-Trotter

Why leveraging SmartPixels 3D rendering solution for luggage?

Build consumer confidence with the photorealism of our 3D renders

Let your visuals tell your story, convey your know-how and display your product quality. Our 3D rendering technology is lifelike in every way. We reproduce every detail of the product, down to its “defects”, in order to make it as realistic as possible. 
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Add a personal touch using a real-time 3D product configurator

Let consumers bring life to their own one-of-a-kind suitcases. Using SmartPixels’ 3D configurator gives consumers the ability to visualize in real-time and navigate through the infitinite configurations of the offer.  
Globe-Trotter - Product configurator Body

Automate the generation of manufacturing files

Our 3D web configurator automatically sends the production sheet of the customized product to the manufacture, removing the margin of error. Reduce returns and waste with SmartPixels.
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Have a look at a successful 3D configurator project for luggage!

Established in 1897, Globe-Trotter produces handcrafted luggage and leather collections for both retail and e-commerce purchases. Recently Globe-Trotter partnered with SmartPixels to create their first 3D product configurator for e-commerce for their many online shoppers.
Knowing traditional ways of selling products like 2D static photographs wouldn’t be enough to turn shoppers into buyers, Globe-Trotter decided to deliver a more immersive experience that would help their customers feel confident in purchasing customized luggage valued at $2,700 USD sight unseen before.

Our 3D configurator solution integrates with the leading e-commerce platforms:

Check out how your product would look like in 3D.