Boost sales providing an engaging and stunning visual experience.
your 360 images

Rotate around and zoom on details

Experience 3D for luggage.

Give your customers creative freedom with an interactive personalization experience.

Allow your consumers to configure and personalize your products. Powering up every pattern’s personality, brands add uniqueness to their products.
But first, you need hyper-realistic 3D visuals. The SmartPixels’ team is here to digitize your products in 3D and integrate them into a unique customer experience developing, for example, 3D configurators for your made-to-measure offer. 

Why leveraging SmartPixels 3D capabilities for luggage?

Hyper realism of our 3D visuals
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Let your visuals tell your story, convey your know-how and display your product quality. Our computer-generated image is lifelike in every way. We reproduce every detail of the product, down to its “defects”, in order to make it as realistic as possible. 
Personalization creations
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Let consumers bring life to their unique suitcases. Using SmartPixels’ 3D configurator gives consumers the ability to visualize in real-time and navigate through the infinite alternatives of the offer.  
Generate the manufacturing files
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Our platform automatically sends the production sheet of the unique product to the manufacture, removing the margin of error. Reduce returns and waste with SmartPixels.

Our solution integrates with the leading platforms:

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