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We are experts in interactive 3D product configurators for e-commerce.

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With SmartPixels' e-commerce customization platform, offer your consumers the creative freedom they want.

Using an e-commerce 3D product
configurator, shoppers are


more inclined to buy

Getting consumers involved on 3D customization platforms, enabling product configuration and product visualization, allow them to make the product their own.

By letting consumers interact in real-time,
brands can expect a


decrease in product returns

Check out the photorealistic 3D web product configurators software
we have made for our clients

3D product configurator for Globe-Trotter

Globe-Trotter 3D Product Configurator
The implementation of a high-end 3D product configurator for eCommerce resulted in a remarkable impact on Globe-Trotter’s performance, as it drove a surge in online traffic, significantly enhanced consumer engagement, increased consumer confidence and conversion rates.

3D product customizer for Camille Fournet

Camille Fournet 3D Product Configurator
The Camille Fournet 3D product configurator boosted the company’s sales and customer engagement, generating a significant increase in personalized product sales. 
With 252K images generated quarterly, customers are spending more time on the website customizing their unique products, resulting in higher levels of satisfaction and loyalty reflected in a higher net promoter score

Why SmartPixels 3D product configurators for eCommerce?

Build consumer confidence

Every detail matters. A hand-made luxury product isn’t realistic if you can’t see its imperfections. At SmartPixels, we are experts in creating photorealistic 3D product renderings. Leveraging 3d product visualization, brands build up consumer confidence and reduce returns.
Photorealistic 3D rendering

Give consumers the creative freedom they want

Convert up to 40% more consumers by allowing them to co-create with you using a 3D web product configurator. Reduce mistakes and increase customer satisfaction of your bespoke offer by integrating a 3D product customizer into your order management system.
Valentino 3D shoe configurator

Increase brand loyalty

80% of visitors will return to a brand after trying product personalization. Get involved in a personal conversation with your consumers and create a strong relationship by leveraging your product customization offer. 
In-Store Sales Product Configuration tool

A user-friendly back-office

SmartPixels’3D product configurator back-office enables brands to be autonomous in the management of their offer and configuration options:

• Management of step availability and customization options
• Option to switch off models, materials and colors
• Dynamically change product prices

• Per geographic area
• For specific events
• For your partners

User rights backoffice management

Our 3D configurator software's features:

Interactive 3D Product Visualization

Explore countless product configurations visually in a few clicks, no matter how complicated.


Be autonomous in the management of your offer in real-time, and create iterations of your product configurator.

Omnichannel Distribution

Leverage your product personalization experience on all your channels adapted to the different touchpoints.

Product Rules & Constraints

We manage business rules and product combination incompatibilities according to the customization offer.

Integration through API

Our 3D product configurator is connected to the brand’s systems through an API.

Inventory & Order Management System

Our online product configurator is directly integrated into the brand’s Order Management System and ERP.

Manufacturing File Generation

Our configuration software automatically generates the manufacturing file (BOM…) and sends it to the manufacturer.

Consumer Data Analytics

Capture configurator usage data to be leveraged by your teams to learn about user preferences.

Are you in a B2B market with a large market of resellers?

Benefit from a dedicated product configurator for resellers:
Resellers Backoffice Management Rights

Beginning with 3D configuration

How does it work?

Step 1: 

3D Scanning and 3D Modeling

Gucci Bag 3D Scan Wireframe

Step 2: 

Custom 3D Configurator

SmartPixels then creates tailored product configurators to the brand’s needs. Enhance your brand product personalization user experience leveraging our 3D visual technology.

Step 3: 

E-commerce integration

People also ask about...

We integrate your product configuration solution with leading e-commerce platforms.
We are experts in:
• Product customization for WooCommerce (Eg. WooCommerce product configurator)
• Product personalization for Magento (Eg. Magento product customizer)
• Product customization for Shopify (Eg. Shopify 3d product configurator software)
• Product personalization for PrestaShop (Eg. PrestaShop product configurator software)
• Product customization for Yoox-Net-A-Porter (Eg. YNAP product configurator)
• Product personalization for SAP (Eg. Product Configurator)
Boost your sales by integrating our product customization platform with enterprise ERP and CRM systems.
Learn more about e-commerce integrations
Our platform can be used internally as a central visual asset repository
Your product data is stored as individual product model, material and texture to enable wide-scale repurposing. This way your team has direct access to your 3D asset product catalogue and can retrieve any product render out of the system when needed.
See our Product Visual Studio platform. 
Reduce returns and waste by automating the manufacturing process.
Our platform automatically generates production sheet (bill-of-materials, assembly instructions, and CAD files) to the manufacture, removing the margin of error and potential product returns.
Our solution represents a gain of time and precision for brands.
When about 75% of your traffic comes from mobile and tablet users, don’t take the risk to lose them with non-responsive experiences.
All SmartPixels’ 3D product configurators for e-commerce are fully responsive.
Leveraging our numerous client projects experience, we suggest best-in-class UX/UI designs for your product personalization experience
Offering a gamified customization experience will boost sales and increase client fidelity
Discover here how product customization experiences could be designed to emphasize their entertaining dimension. 
Also, check out some project examples in our UX/UI Showreel

How to offer a seamless interactive e-commerce product customization experience?

If you are a made-to-order manager looking for innovative product personalization solutions, check out this video. 

SmartPixels' 3D product configurators software offers consumers the opportunity to create their ideal personal and customized product in a seamless user experience.

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