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Explore our different 3D solutions to better consumer experiences

3D Scanning Services

Augmented Reality for

NeRF powered by

360° Product Viewer

Retail Experience

3D scanning services: step into the digital world

Whether your 3D studio is overbooked, you are lacking resources or you are simply not ready to invest in multiple costly 3D scanners, SmartPixels have got you covered!

Augmented reality for e-commerce

Immerse your product in the consumer’s environment. Remove barriers to purchase by projecting in real-time photorealistic 3D models that the client can interact with.

NeRF powered by NVIDIA

Leverage light field technology and create visual digital twins in minutes!

360° Product Viewer

Based on automatic photo capture and machine learning, SmartPixels produces a 360° product viewer in minutes where traditional 3D would take days.

Retail Experience

Our support tools are designed to facilitate the sales process, to remove the margin of error in the manufacturing process and to build lasting interactive one-to-one relationships with consumers.