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Enable Augmented Reality visualization for e-commerce and retail experiences.

2 out of 3 people say they would like to use augmented reality when shopping. Leveraging our 3D glTF file format, brands can create a unique consumer experience in Augmented Realityincreasing consumer engagement and reducing returns. 

Add augmented reality to your consumer journey and boost consumer confidence by showcasing products in real-life environments.

Why invest in Augmented Reality for e-commerce and retail?


of consumers say they want to be able to envision where and how a product could fit into their home.


More than one in three gen Z consumers will be shopping with Augmented Reality by 2025

Reduce the imagination gap with Augmented Reality

Immerse your product in the consumer’s environment. 
Remove barriers to purchase by projecting in real-time photorealistic 3D models that the client can interact with. 
Let them zoom in on intricate details such as product stitching, visualize the product from every angle and get a sense of the accurate size and scale of the product

Enable real-time product customization and visualization

Differentiate your Augmented Reality experience by adding product configuration features. 
Not only enable product visualization of the brand’s product in Augmented Reality but also the personalized products consumers have just created.  
Create unique Augmented Reality experiences that will boost consumer engagement and increase user-generated content. 

Access Augmented Reality experiences on every device

Smoothly integrate the Augmented Reality feature on your e-commerce consumer journey. 
SmartPixels helps you provide a seamless Augmented Reality experience accessible both on smartphones and on web browsers, without the need to download an app.
Chloé 3D product configurator - AR feature

Our examples of Augmented Reality for fashion accessories

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People also ask about...

SmartPixels provides a native Augmented Reality solution for e-commerce. There is no need to install an App.
Our Augmented Reality solution has been created to integrate smoothly with major e-commerce platforms such as SAP, Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify, Yoox-Net-A-Porter
Learn More about SmartPixels e-commerce integrations.
At SmartPixels, we believe that the quality of your products should be reflected in your 3D renderings. We care about product details and make sure to deliver photorealistic 3D visuals.
Our real-time rendering technology allows you to see products in a way you have never seen them before on the web. You can rotate them 360 degrees, look at them in all directions, focus on every detail, feel the grain of the leather as well as the shine of a clasp – almost as if you were actually holding the object in your hands.
Check our Virtual Photography page for more information. 

How does Augmented Reality work?

Get started with Augmented Reality in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: 

Send us or let us create 3D glTF files

To create an Augmented Reality experience, you will need 3D renderings of your products in 3D glTF file format. 
We can either work from your 3D images or create new ones from scratch scanning a physical product.
 You have the option of sending your product to our 3D scanning lab in Paris or having us come to your place.

Step 2: 

Let SmartPixels operate the magic

Once we have all the visual material we need, we will upload the content to our SmartPixels platform to deliver Augmented Reality experiences. 
Brief our team on the functionality you would like to add and let us operate the magic! 
We make sure the process is smooth and simple to optimize your adoption of the technology. 

Step 3: 

Launch your product in Augmented Reality

By integrating our images into your e-commerce or retail experience, we assist you in launching your Augmented Reality experience.
Turn on the Augmented Reality feature on all your channels: on your e-commerce website product page, on your social media channels or simply generate QR codes for advertising campaigns. 

The possibilities are endless to provide a one-of-a-kind consumer experience with Augmented Reality Technology.