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Be personal and build individual conversations with consumers in-store.

 Our solutions catch customers’ attention, spark
impactful conversations
and boost user-generated content.

Have a look at a few projects we’ve done:

Our 3D rendering technology places product personalization at the heart of your consumer journey.

Using augmented reality, natural interactions, projection mapping, 3D renders and sales applications we offer interactive and engaging 3D customization experiences in-store built around your brand DNA.  
Our support tools are designed to facilitate the sales process, to remove the margin of error in the manufacturing process and to build lasting interactive one-to-one relationships with consumers.
In-Store Carolina Herrera Personalization experience

Invest in a Game-changing tool to supercharge your sales team’s selling capabilities

Stay at the forefront of innovation, training your teams to better consumer experience with digital tools. How to sell products that aren’t available in-store or that simply don’t exist yet?

What features await your sales team in our SalesApp?

Guide consumers through the step-by-step creation process of their personalized product. Increase customer confidence by visually building the product in real-time, adding features as you go and displaying the pricing dynamically.
Free your in-store sales cycle of laborious paper procedures. Select all the desired features directly on the tablet, generate the overview and automatically place the order after payment.
Once the order has been placed, our solution automatically generates manufacturing files and a bill of materials ready to be sent to the manufacturer.
Your sales team will be able to access a library of all the brand 3D assets and perform some tailored demos to all its clients based on preference and purchase history. Using our 3D asset management platform, the sales team can choose from different products, materials, colors, and scenes (background) and generate product visuals in a few clicks.
In-Store Sales Product Configuration tool

Using our 3D rendering technology, sell products that are not displayed in-store.

Delivering a meaningful customer experience enhances brand image and increases brand loyalty.


improvement on conversion rates


higher order value


increase in net promoter score

See for yourself.

Wondering what in-store customization experience we could create with your products?