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Product personalization at the fullest: SmartPixels X Globe-Trotter

A tailored e-commerce solution to offer bespoke high-end suitcases
Founded in 1897, Globe-Trotter is one of the world’s premier luxury suitcase manufacturers, which has over a century of expertise in creating and personalizing suitcases that appraise craftsmanship and individual preferences.
The concept of product personalization is already intrinsic in Globe-Trotter’s current offer. Each brand’s suitcase is made of different elements, that customers can combine in several manners to obtain a one-of-a-kind piece.
At Globe-Trotter’s boutiques, clients can order made-to-order suitcases by selecting from different product variants.
In recent years, Globe-Trotter has witnessed a growing interest in online purchases among customers.
As a result, the next stage for Globe-Trotter’s strategy was to offer the opportunity to its clients to design their very own bespoke suitcase experience on their website

Challenges faced by Globe-Trotter

3D renderings created by SmartPixels
The trend of product personalization: Consumers are increasingly looking for unique products that no one else will have on the market and that will best reflect their personality. 
The increasing visual need: Visual content consumption is becoming crucial: whether it’s on social media, on ads or simply on e-commerce websites, brands need visual assets. Photoshoots are having a hard time keeping up with the increasing demand for visuals. 
The art of selling a product that has never existed: In the area of digital innovations, will swatches, samples, and a lot of customer imagination be enough to convince your consumer to purchase a made-to-order luxury suitcase? 
Even if you may touch the material, foreseeing the finished outcome of a personalized suitcase, without visualizing the results with all the components, is extremely challenging.
Facing these challenges, Lucas Yelland, Chief Digital Officer at Globe-Trotter, and his team decided to invest in the creation of 3D assets for their product as well as in an online product personalization solution to meet the client’s demand.
Recognizing SmartPixels’ know-how in photorealistic 3D renderings and interactive 3D product configurator for e-commerce, Globe-Trotter chose to embrace our expertise

SmartPixels' solution

1) Digitization of their collection in 3D 

To create a seamless product personalization experience, the end client needs to be able to visualize the customized products in a photorealistic way. 
To do so, SmartPixels had to capture Globe-Trotter’s collection in 3D. Thus, we received the iconic products in our digitization studio in Paris and captured them in 3D in the most realistic way possible. 

2) Enrich your product page with 3D visuals

Globe-Trotter and SmartPixels cooperated to develop a one-of-a-kind 3D e-commerce product configurator for 3 of their iconic products: the custom carry-on, the medium check-in, and the custom large check-in.  
Using the online 3D product configurator, customers can design from scratch their suitcase choosing the color and material for every element of the suitcase in real-time, and with incredible realism.
They can choose from 3 products, 152 materials, and 40 colors; creating close to 107.7 trillion trilliard trilliard product combinations that can be generated in a few clicks.

a) SmartPixels’ powerful Product Configurator Backoffice

SmartPixels deployed a back-office in parallel with the product configurator, allowing Globe-Trotter to acknowledge all the customization options picked per order.
SmartPixels‘ Order Management System ensures the interconnection between our configuration systems and the Globe-Trotter Information System environment.
It can be described as follow: 
• OMS centralizes the personal and financial data related to Globe-Trotter’s transactions, and as such is subject to special care for security, confidentiality and RGPD compliance.
• OMS transforms the descriptive data of customized products into the format expected by Globe-Trotter’s systems. It ensures the connection (and its upward compatibility) to your customer management systems, quotes and orders.
• The back office automatically creates and sends production sheets (workshop) to the manufacturer when the transaction is completed. This way, it considerably reduces the margin for mistakes. 
Finally, we also make sure to avoid duplicate information flows. SmartPixels integrates with Globe-Trotter’s e-commerce platform, Shopify, and capitalize on its capabilities to centralize information flows. For example, if the body flamingo color isn’t available in stock, it won’t be featured as available in the product configurator. 
By turning to an on-demand manufacturing process, we enable our client Globe-Trotter to democratize their personalization offer, reduce waste of time, and diminish returns.

b) SmartPixels’ Product Configurator Analytics

SmartPixels solution also enables Globe-Trotter to measure the impact of its personalization offer online. 
By adding analytics to the product configurator, Globe-Trotter can measure the popularity of its different customization options, identifying the most popular colors, editable parts and so on etc. It provides valuable insights for the product team that can then choose to adapt their next collection according to their audience’s favorite taste.  
Once Globe-Trotter had its product captured in 3D, the possibilities to leverage it became endless. 

How else is Globe-Trotter using our 3D renderings?

1) 3D renderings for product pages  

Globe-Trotter exploited the potential of SmartPixels’ 3D visuals to enrich their e-commerce website with static and 360° photorealistic digital twins of their prestigious luggage. 
Buying is visual. Our photorealistic renderings take the shopping experience to the next level. 
3D renderings used on the website product page

2) 3D renderings for marketing and communication needs

The wide range of product images can also be used to generate visually impactful content for the marketing and communication teams (social media content, CRM campaigns…).
To illustrate, Globe-Trotter used our 3D visuals to enrich the content of their monthly newsletter
The interactive product configurator hosted on Globe-Trotter’s website, not only allows consumers to design their dream luggage, but also creates a luxurious, interactive, and appealing experience that reflects Globe-Trotter’s DNA
Engaging visuals on social media

The outcome

An increase in consumer confidence in what they are buying:  Globe-Trotter employs SmartPixels’ 3D configurator to let clients envision exactly what they want to buy and effectively generate that order. If a customer wants to make a change, such as a different product’s variant, the 3D configurator instantly reflects those modifications.
A boost of consumer engagement: Thanks to SmartPixels’ 3D photo-realistic images, users can personalize each part of the suitcase as they wish, by choosing the shape, color, and material, and visualizing the 3D image in real-time. Data proved that consumers are staying longer on the website when configuring their ideal product. 
A driver of sales: Using a product configurator to guide consumers in their made-to-order experience has proved to drastically improve conversion rates. 
“We are delighted to be hosting our custom-made 3D interactive product configurator on Globe-Trotter's website helping them to boost sales of unique personalized products while taking their customer experience to the next level.”
Julien Berta
CEO & Founder of SmartPixels
“Globe-Trotter and SmartPixels are working hand in hand to help consumers engage in a personal conversation with the brand, strengthening consumer loyalty and boosting conversion rates. Globe-Trotter like SmartPixels cares about details. SmartPixels is the craftsman of 3D visuals, while Globe-Trotter is one of the suitcases.”
Lucas Yelland
Chief Digital Officer at Globe-Trotter

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