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Case Study

With Berluti’s personalization offer powered by SmartPixels, dreams become reality.

3D visual, 3D Configurator, 3D shoes, Photorealistic 3d visuals, Berluti
3D visual, 3D Configurator, 3D shoes, Photorealistic 3d visuals, Berluti
To offer to each Berluti customer a unique experience of elegance, a special-order service is available. Imagination is its only limit.
Berluti puts the consumer at the heart of everything they create. Their unique allure, absolute comfort and vision of elegance drive the design and the creation of their infinitely customizable footwear. Every option is explored to define a unique pair of shoes.
Like its patinas, Berluti tattoos are an essential element in the brand’s stylistic vocabulary. Following years of research, in 2003 Olga Berluti perfected a technique for tattooing leather.
In addition to the Maison’s tattoos catalogue, the client may also create his own design… an ideal occasion to reveal the artist within!
Naturally, the client then chooses the placement of the image and the base patina. The Berluti tattoo offer is available by special order for custom footwear as well as belts, bags, and small leather goods in Venezia leather, at all Berluti locations.

Challenges faced by Berluti.

As one of SmartPixels’s first customers, Berluti leveraged our expertise in building innovative customization solutions.
Launching a customization experience is a daunting task. As we just saw, the only limit of Berluti’s offer is the client’s imagination. Thus, the first challenge was to help consumers visualize with fidelity the spectrum of available options. Then came the need to communicate the client’s choices to their supply-chain and manufacturing. Least but not last, remained the mission of creating awareness around the offer and engaging consumers. Having understood the need of our client, SmartPixels proposed a unique solution dedicated to Berluti.
3D visual, 3D Configurator, 3D shoes, Photorealistic 3d visuals, Berluti

What we suggested

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Immersed in Berluti’s brand DNA, we designed a tailor-made personalization experience in-store for their clients.  
We combined two up-and-coming technologies – augmented reality and video mapping – to make products digital and interactive. The interaction between a consumer and a product does not require any special display such as headset, phones or monitors of any kind. The Sales team accompanies the customer in its personalization journey thanks to an app, developed by SmartPixels, which enables instant customization of the product.  
SmartPixels projected reality enabled a total immersion in Berluti’s universe by soothing one’s senses and generating collective, as well as individual, sensations. 
When a customer places an order, our platform automatically sends an order artefact to the workshop, avoiding mistakes and potential returns. The order artefact is composed of a summary of the order as well as instructions for the craftsperson. By turning to on-demand manufacturing process, we enabled our client to save time and to be more precise.  
Overall, this experience manages to catch the customers’ attention, spark impactful conversations and boosts user-generated content. Intrigued by our system, more people visit stores to access and benefit from this unique experience only available in-store. As a natural result of increased traffic, cross-selling opportunities are multiplied. Our solution is increasing awareness around Berluti’s personalization experience and is boosting its Net Promoter Score. 
3D visual, 3D Configurator, 3D shoes, Photorealistic 3d visuals, Berluti

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