Case Study

Create your unique icon to celebrate Consul 75th anniversary.

3D visual, 3D Configurator, 3D shoes, Photorealistic 3d visuals, Church's
To celebrate 75 years of their most iconic shoe, Church’s offered their customers the possibility to create their own Consul. As creating unique personalization experiences is our expertise, Church’s called on SmartPixels’ services.
To design their own Consul shoe, customers were able to choose from five different types of leather in twenty-six colours with four types of sole, three average fits, and three types of lining using the specially crafted digital simulator.
The last step consisted of adding finishing personalisation touches such as handwritten or hammer stamping initials. In short, clients have the power to create their favourite iconic shoe.

Challenges faced by Church's.

Launching a personalisation offer can be overwhelming. Once the offer has been designed, and supply-chain and manufacturing are in place, there remains the challenge of engaging the consumer and visualising the spectrum of available options.  
Performing simple maths, Church’s customisation offer has over 100,000 possible alternatives. It does not take long to foresee the logistical complications in attempting to display every single product using traditional photography. In the past brands had to rely on their reputation combined with consumer’s imagination to sell special orders, for example, if clients were to ask Church’s staff how the Consul would look like in cerise crocodile with black lining and brown insole, the only thing a sales associate could do was to stimulate consumer’s imagination while showing them some swatches and samples. 
3D visual, 3D Configurator, 3D shoes, Photorealistic 3d visuals, Church's
3D visual, 3D Configurator, 3D shoes, Photorealistic 3d visuals, Berluti
The Covid crisis added another struggle to the sale of luxury shoes. As working from home became the new normal, consumers were less tempted to invest in high-end luxury shoes. This phenomenon emphasized the need to sell it differently, creating a unique customer experience around it.
Before reaching out to us, Church’s was facing three main challenges:
• Building awareness and attractiveness around their Made To Order offer
• Helping consumers to visualize in real-time the infinite possibilities of the offer
• Launching personalisation service worldwide 

What we suggested

3D visual, 3D Configurator, 3D shoes, Photorealistic 3d visuals, Church's
3D visual, 3D Configurator, 3D shoes, Photorealistic 3d visuals, Church's
Well-aware that real-time visualization is key to improve consumer experience and to boost conversion, Church’s decided to rely on SmartPixels’ expertise to launch their personalisation offer.  
Thus, we built a custom-made photo-realistic 3D configurator inspired by the Church’s universe. This configurator was then embedded into Church’s website and made available worldwide. In this way, we helped Church’s consumers to instantaneously visualise, interact, and navigate the infinite possibilities of the offer in a gamified experience. 
When the product is configured, we redirect the request to the shop, who either close the sale in person or remotely.

The impact

Our 3D configurator acted as a driver for cross-selling opportunities. The experience considerably drove traffic to the brand’s website, increasing awareness and boosting Church’s Net Promoter Score. As a natural result of increased traffic, cross-selling opportunities were multiplied.
At the heart of the global pandemic where home office was the new norm, Church’s 3D configurator accounted nearly 50% of made to order sales. The average transaction value (ATV) generated from the simulator was +35% higher than their usual retail ATV. In fact, the Church’s team informed us that sales associates have also been leveraging our technology to trigger MTO conversions in-store.
3D visual, 3D Configurator, 3D shoes, Photorealistic 3d visuals, Church's


Of made to order sales during the global pandemic crisis.


Higher than their usual retail Average Transaction value.

" Innovative technologies such as those leveraging 3D are game changers and the future for customer experience in luxury brands. Through our 3D configurator powered by SmartPixels, we are providing an engaging and smooth consumer journey, driving sales and client fidelity. "
Anthony Romano
CEO of Church's
“We continuously strive to embed innovation at the heart of luxury brands, and are proud to be hosting our custom-made 3D product configurator on Church’s website to boost their sales of personalized products while enhancing the consumer experience. “
Julien Berta
CEO & Founder of SmartPixels

At SmartPixels, we aim to accelerate the digitisation of the luxury retail industry and transform the luxury shopping experience for consumers.

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