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Valentino Rockstud
Case Study

Valentino introduces an all-new, customizable #PetAPorter bags

SmartPixels and Valentino worked hand in hand in the creation of a unique customer experience for their customization service: Valentino Garavani Rockstud Pet bag. 
Valentino Garavani Rockstud Pet is an exclusive personalization service available on a global scale that pays homage to the joy given by animals, offering an outward message of affection to our pets. 
Valentino Rockstud pet customization experience
There are three different styles of the Valentino Garavani Rockstud bags to choose from which are all available in five different color variations. Riccardo Cusimano, illustrator and artist, will then embellish the bag  with a handmade drawing of the client’s pet (based on a photo provided) in conjunction with the owner’s initial. The combination is playful and charming and comes together to express the mutual love between pet and owner.
These custom bags will then be delivered to the clients in special limited-edition packaging designed for the project.

Challenges faced by Valentino

Creating unique customization experiences is our expertise, therefore Valentino called on our services. 
Launching a customization experience is a daunting task: once you have supply-chain and manufacturing in place, remains the challenge of engaging the consumer and showing the spectrum of available options. Considering that their customization offer results in more than 2 000 combinations available, it doesn’t take too long to foresee logistical complications in attempting to display every single product using traditional photography.
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Before reaching out to us, Valentino was facing three main challenges:
• Building awareness around their Made to Order offer 
• Helping consumers to visualize in real-time the infinite possibilities of the offer
• Capturing order data efficiently and ensuring delivery 

What we suggested

3d configurator for bags, Valentino Rockstud pet customization experience
Well aware of the importance of product visualization, we built an interactive and engaging tailor-made 3D product configurator inspired by Valentino’s universe. This configurator was then embedded into Valentino’s website and available worldwide. In this way, we helped Valentino’s clients to instantaneously visualize, interact, and navigate the infinite possibilities of the offer.
Our solution is directly integrated into Valentino’s e-commerce platform, YNAP (Yoox Net-a-porter) as well as Valentino’s ERP (SAP), which enables us to embed visualisation, payment and order management into a seamless end-to-end experience.
Once the order is placed, our platform automatically sends the production sheet to the manufacture, and to the illustrator Riccardo Cusimano, avoiding mistakes. By turning to on-demand manufacturing process, we enable our client Valentino to save time.

The result

ROI: The project paid for itself in

6 days

Average purchase conversion rate


At launch, we have seen up to

1 config/min

But this isn't just it

The experience Valentino Rockstud pet considerably drove traffic to the brand’s website and encouraged social sharing. Our solution increased brand awareness and boosted Valentino’s Net Promoter Score. As a natural result of increased traffic online, cross-selling opportunities were multiplied.
Our configurator was also embedded directly inside Valentino’s Instagram Bio page, enabling social media buying. The flexibility of SmartPixels’ technology was leveraged to overcome the specific challenges posed by social-media apps and browsers.
Valentino Rockstud pet customization experience
Valentino Rockstud pet customization experience

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