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Top 10 3D product configurators for e-commerce websites

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80%¹ of visitors will return to a brand after configuring a product in 3D. Why is that? Simply because the human brain functions on emotions. If something is found to be interesting and attractive to a person, they are more likely to remember it and want to try again.  


That is why adopting a 3D product configurator is a great solution to elevate your brand experience.  


Enabling product customization engages the consumer in a dynamic and interactive experience that keeps their brain intrigued. Therefore, if you have never considered integrating a customization offer through a web product configurator, this article might change your mind.  


Here we provide you with 10 brands that use 3D product configurators to elevate their consumer experience online.

What is a web 3D product configurator?

A 3D product configurator is an application that enables a brand’s clients to customize their products through its representation in 3D.  
The customization process can be done to different extents. It could be simply adding some initials to a trendy bag or iconic shoes or changing colors and materials options on a suit. 
However, it can also be much more complex: adding on top of these options the opportunity to choose from various stitching colors, lining materials, and so on. The extent to which your product is customizable by your consumers depends on how much you are willing to let your clients take control of their product conceptions. 
Furthermore, a 3D product configurator can have numerous added features such as: 
  • a photorealistic digital version of the customizable product in a specific scenery,  
  • different views of the product, 
  • a 360° view of the product, 
  • zooming options,  
  • sharing options on social media,
  • save to your wishlist
  • an option to view the product in Augmented Reality.  
Why should you consider 3D product configurators? What makes it so intriguing? How could you benefit from it? 

Why are brands enabling product customization through web product configurators?

There are several benefits to adopting 3D web product configurators
  • First, product configurators for product customization can reduce your product returns. In the luxury industry, around 25%²  of online purchases are returned to their issuing brands against 5 to 10%² of in-store purchases. With a 3D product configurator, your product representation perfectly matches the real version of the product leading to fewer returns

Our clients say it best!

Our clients have witnessed a reduction in product returns of 40%.
Product returns
  • Additionally, with web product configurators you allow better customer experiences for their product customization process. The UX and visuals integrated in the configurator enable enhanced customer satisfaction, and loyalty, leading to an increased number of repeat buyers. 
  • Finally, through enriched customer experiences and higher consumer trust and satisfaction, you could observe an increase in conversion rates.  

40% increase in conversions rates

According to Forbes, your conversion rates can increase by 40% using web product configurators. 
3D product configurators for fashion luxury
Top-notch luxury fashion brands have already been investing in 3D product configurators. Check out 10 of the most popular 3D web product configurators for e-commerce websites

10 luxury brands that enabled product customization in 3D

1. Camille Fournet

Camille Fournet watch strap 3D configurator
Camille Fournet watch strap 3D configurator
Camille Fournet offers two fully immersive customization experiences, where their users can create their very own unique watch strap or belt. With the 3D web product configurator, you can choose the color and material of your watchstraps or belts between alligator, lizard, and calf skins and different shades of red, green, blue, etc. 
For both products, it is also possible to personalize the buckle, the edges, the stitching, the lining, and many other features.  

2. Moncler

Moncler 3D product configurator
Moncler by Me configurator by Moncler
The high-end padded jacket brand launched a detailed customization offer via a 3D web product configurator: the Moncler by Me customization experience. You can either choose a variant of the jacket between an important range of colors available or customize the diverse parts of the jacket separately such as the hood, the sleeves, and the front and back of the body itself. 

3. Globe-Trotter

Globe-Trotter 3D product configurator e-commerce
Globe-Trotter 3D suitcase customization offer
The famous, James Bond-related brand of luxury suitcases seized the opportunity to offer a personalization experience online. Globe-Trotter chose to give their clients the opportunity to fully conceive their suitcase. Might they want to feel like James Bond or themselves, the creation is theirs.  

Selecting a model of a suitcase from a range of products available, the client can then customize the color of their suitcase: guides, handles, wheel arches, body, hardware, and many more leather areas. 

4. Rimowa

Rimowa 3D suitcase configurator
Rimowa 3D suitcase configurator
Another luggage customization offer such as Globe-Trotter was developed by Rimowa. From the body and handles to the wheels and tags, you may create your own custom suitcase by choosing a color from a wide range of selections. You can also add your three-letter initials on the tag.  

With its customization offer, Rimowa enables its customers to experience a full co-creation process with the brand as they are part of their suitcases’ conception.

5. Nike

Nike by You 3D shoe configurator
Nike by You 3D shoe configurator
Nike released a Nike by You experience where customers are able to customize their own Nike shoes from a wide selection of their most iconic pieces. 

Giving their consumers the prestige of creating their own iconic Nike shoes, the sports brand opted for a fully customizable option. Meaning that every separate section of the shoe has a range of colors to choose from, and an additional option to write one’s three-letter initials at the back of the shoe.

6. Church's

Church’s enabled a customization offer on their Consul 75 to celebrate the 75th birthday of their most world-known shoe, the Consul. Clients could choose their desired material, color, and soles. Coupled with that, details such as lining and stitching could also be changed. The cherry on top was the option to add one’s initials on the inside of the shoe. 

Through configuring an individual Consul, the Prada Group-owned brand made their brand experience even more iconic as such famous shoes could then be created to the image of a consumer’s personality or tastes. 

7. Cartier

Cartier 3D handbag configurator
Cartier 3D handbag configurator
Cartier’s handbag configurator enables clients to personalize their bag with different features. Choosing the color and an option to add engravings are two customization features that allow an individually personalized handbag to Cartier customers.  
Furthermore, the configurator has an additional feature that most configurators do not have but that is increasingly demanded amongst consumers. The option to view the watch in Augmented Reality (AR) keeps the customer interested and makes them spend more time on the page.  
Consequently, Cartier provides its customers with a 3D product configurator that engages them fully, especially through the AR feature that enables them to interact with their creations in their own environment.  

8. Louboutin Beauté

Louboutin's 3D lipstick configurator
Louboutin's 3D lipstick web configurator
In the case of the Louboutin Beauté project, the brand launched four 3D product configurators at the same time as part of a single project. The configurators were destined for different products: a lipstick, an eyeshadow palette, a cushion and powder palette.  


The customization experience consisted in:  
  • different ranges of shades for the lipstick and powder,  
  • range of colors for the cases, 
  • options to choose charms or add spikes for their product cases. 

9. Rolex

Rolex 3D watch online configurator
Rolex 3D watch online configurator
The Rolex 3D product configurator consists in choosing a watch model to customize and then moving on to its individual features. Depending on the model you choose the customization options differ. For example, if you choose to customize the Submariner, you may change the material, and the color of the bezel. However, if you choose the Datejust, you may change its size, material, bezel, and dial.

10. John Lobb

John Lobb 3D product configurator for e-commerce
Rolex 3D watch online configurator
John Lobb’s customization experience accompanies the user on a step-by-step journey to personalize the shoes of their choice. The customization steps go as follows:  
  • the vamp,
  • the platform, 
  • the strip, 
  • the sole, 
  • the edges, 
  • the lining. 
The final step being optional consists in adding a four-letter monogram. 
Through a fully customizable shoe and a step-by-step experience, John Lobb’s offer is playful, engaging, and lively. 

Why consider 3D product configurators with SmartPixels?

Overall, all these brands have leveraged product customization through 3D product configurators. Whether it was as a tribute, or for a better brand experience, all of them opted for web product configurators.  

If you decide to trust SmartPixels with your product customization endeavors, we will provide you with a 3D product configurator with hyper-realistic visuals of your products. With dynamic and interactive web product configurators, your customers’ interest in your brand will be enhanced as their involvement in the co-creation of their own piece will entice them to buy from you again.  

We also make sure that you are well set to handle a product customization offer from a logistic point of view. For example, we send the manufacturing file to your manufacturer to avoid any mix-ups in the production steps of the customized products.   
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