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Top 10 3D product configurators for e-commerce retail

Featured image Camille Fournet 3D product configurator

Top 10 3D product configurators for e-commerce websites Table of Contents 80%ยน of visitors will return to a brand after configuring a product in 3D. Why is that? Simply because the human brain functions on emotions. If something is found to be interesting and attractive to a person, they are more likely to remember it […]

3D product customization: the way to sustainability?

3D product customization offer for Camille Fournet

3 ways of using 3D product customization to become more sustainable Table of Contents Nowadays, around 90% [1] of Gen Z consumers are more inclined to purchase products that benefit society.  In an increasingly socially and environmentally aware world, consumption habits change  in favor of sustainable options.   Consumers nowadays wish to consume in a […]