Personalization has always been
at the heart of the luxury industry.

Launching a customization experience is a daunting task.

Once you have supply-chain and manufacturing in place, remains the challenge of engaging the consumer and showing the spectrum of available options.
Stemming from couture, the luxury industry has faced this issue for a long time: will swatches, samples, a lot of consumer imagination and trust be enough to prevent misalignment in expectations.
In the era of all things digital, consumers have higher expectations: they want their interactions with brands and the products & services they buy from them to be personalized.
This new trend has gained momentum with Generation Z’s desire for self-expression which was then translated into a desire for co-creation with brands.

Brands are now facing one challenge: how to convert consumer interest in customized products into profitable sales.


acquisition cost through personalization.


is what 1 in 5 consumers are willing to pay for personalized products.


of visitors will return to a brand after configuring their products.


However, 1/3 of consumers interested in customization felt that products or services do not meet their expectations.