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Product customization: why being more personal matters

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Consumers’ behavior has evolved over the years. In fact, modern-day shoppers are keen on looking for personalized products. To illustrate, approximately 50% of clients say they would become repeat buyers if they had a personalized shopping experience with a brand [1].

Younger generations are looking for brands that can provide them with great tailored experiences, offering items that reflect their personalities. 
An important tenet of luxury brands is uniqueness. What better way to provide it than to deliver a singular, customized version of the product based on clients’ tastes?  Engaging consumers in the co-creation process is a potent method to enhance the perceived prestige while fostering personalized interactions with each individual customer. 
Giving consumers the ability to customize products to their own preferences is the best way to create a highly engaging experience  

4 benefits of product customization

1) An increase in brand loyalty

Offering products and services tailored to shoppers’ preferences increases their satisfaction. Brands create an emotional bond with their buyers through immersion in the brand’s universe and participation in the product development process. This connection is then expressed by increased consumer satisfaction and consequently brand loyalty.  
As a matter of fact, personalization experiences can yield higher revenues across a customer’s lifecycle. Moreover, it increases customer loyalty. 
By implementing a 3D product configurator on your website, you will allow your buyers to tailor the product of their dreams using 3D renderings of your creations. They will be able to choose their favorite color, size, patterns, and materials and see the changes in real time
Thanks to a 3D web configurator, you will drastically increase your conversion rates. It has been proven that 80% of visitors will return to a brand after configuring their product.  

2) Higher margins

3D hyper-realistic rendering realized by SmartPixels for Berluti
3D hyper-realistic rendering realized by SmartPixels for Berluti
Product customization is a special service that consumers are willing to pay a premium price for. To illustrate, 80% of business leaders confirmed that after a product customization experience, clients spend on average 34% more [1]. 
According to McKinsey & Company, businesses that excel in product personalization solutions, generate 40% more revenues compared to average players [2]. 
Brands that offer product customization can increase their margins by charging a premium while still satisfying their consumers. This is what we call a win-win situation. 
Personalization leaders achieve results by customizing offerings and reaching out to the right individual at the right time with the right experiences. 
Our clients confirmed an increase in sales, thanks to our product personalization solution. We created a cutting-edge personalization experience for Berluti‘s end clients by leveraging the power of interactive 3D product renderings. The outcome was massive. It resulted in a threefold increase in sales

3) Increased virality

Valentino's user generated contents as a result of 3D customization
Valentino's user generated contents as a result of 3D customization
Combined with artistic & educative animations, SmartPixels’ experiences  
  • capture customers’ attentiveness,  
  • trigger meaningful conversations,  
  • and foster user-generated content.  
Indeed, when consumers are excited about something, they tend to share it with their friends and family.  
This also explains why most product configurators usually have a share button, directing to social media. This way, satisfied consumers act as brand ambassadors, sharing the brand’s products and creating awareness around the personalized offer. What better way to spread the word and go viral
This has been demonstrated by our collaboration with Valentino. The Italian luxury brand was looking for a tailor-made solution. Therefore, they relied on our expertise. Consequently, we developed for our client an interactive and engaging tailor-made 3D product customizer
This configurator was then integrated into Valentino’s website and made available globally. In this manner, we assisted Valentino’s clients in immediately visualizing, engaging with, and navigating the offer’s infinite possibilities. 
The experience of Valentino Rockstud pet significantly increased website traffic and promoted social sharing. Valentino’s Net Promoter Score rose thanks to our system. Cross-selling opportunities are amplified as an innate consequence of enhanced online traffic

4) Get to know your customers better

3D product renderings realized by SmartPixels for Chloé C-bag
3D product renderings realized by SmartPixels for Chloé C-bag
3D customization has proved to be a great opportunity to collect consumers’ tastes and preferences through their configuration data. Using this data, brands can then better understand their target audience and offer products that resonate with them. 
Moreover, it represents a way to have a better grasp of the trends of different client demographics. This information can be extremely valuable to marketing teams working on their future campaigns. 
Among the various implementations of SmartPixels’ web configurator, we can offer our clients detailed analytics on their target audience. Thanks to our platform, you will be able to better your customization offers, through customer data exploitation
With an e-commerce product configurator, the benefits are endless: stay ahead of the competition by leading with data. Our platform tracks conversion and provides insights into consumer behavior. 
Product customization can help you build awareness, improve customer satisfaction, boost conversions, and better understand your audience. It will help you stand out and stick in consumers’ minds! 
[1] The State of Personalization 2022 
[2] https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/growth-marketing-and-sales/our-insights/the-value-of-getting-personalization-right-or-wrong-is-multiplying