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Leverage 360° viewer and 3D visualization to elevate your e-commerce experience.

Interactive 360° Viewer

Say farewell to static images and welcome to immersive, interactive product exploration. Elevate your brand’s e-commerce presence and engage your audience like never before.

360° product photography vs 3D product rendering, which one should you choose?

Whether you need, a fast, affordable but engaging way for your audience to visualize your product or a high-end luxury way to showcase your products on all your touchpoints, we have got you covered!
SmartPixels is brand’s visual factory, we create all your product visuals needs!
Valentino Vsling bag 360° product viewer

360° Product Photography

Description: 360° viewer of the product seamlessly integrated into webpages. Rendered images cannot be edited.

Client’s need: Immersive 360° viewer


• Possibility to add a background environment

• AR product experience

• Cross-platform compatibility (e.g., mobile responsiveness)

Immersive 360° product viewer

Advanced product exploration

Analytics and insights on user interaction with the 360° viewer

Limitation: No visual editability possible

Lead time: One day


3D renderings Away Travel Suitcases

3D Product Rendering

Description: Super high-quality, photorealistic 3D product images that can be extensively edited.

Client’s need: Photorealistic 3D product visualization


 Possibility to add a background environment

 AR product experience

• Cross-platform compatibility (e.g., mobile responsiveness)

Possibility to customize your product visuals in real-time (color, materials…)

Unlimited visual generation for all touchpoints (multiple viewing angles and perspective, customizable camera settings for different presentation styles)

Product details highlighted (realistic lighting and shadow effects)

Integration with product configuration tools for personalized customization

 High-resolution output for print and large-scale displays

Limitation: None

Lead time: A few weeks

Price: €€€

Scale your product images with SmartPixels' 3D product visualization.
Exceed your consumer’s visual expectations.

Brands replacing traditional product photography with 3D renders have achieved


increase in conversion rate


increase in sales

At SmartPixels, we help you create the best 3D product renderings leveraging our internal 3D product photography studio.

Generate all visuals, for all needs

Lead the way to an omnichannel visual customer experience. Use them for your:

Help marketing teams to feed the relentless visual need across all channels (email, ads, print, social) increasing reach and engagement.
Display complex personalization offers visually. Integrate it into your e-commerce platform (SKU management) and manufacturing (bill of materials). 

Learn more about E-commerce Configurators

Enhance your product pages with digital experience promoting interactivity and consumer engagement through features such as AR.
Offer custom product configurator within sales portals to guide consumers, while also presenting enticing cross-selling opportunitieselevating your clientelling strategy to new heights.

Learn more about In-Store Experiences

Reduce physical prototypes by visualizing 3D products that have never existed before in real-time and with extreme realism.
Omnichannel visual configuration experience

Discover our 3D visual generation platform

Why should you care?


increase in page views with
interactive 3D models.


of shoppers point to product images as the most influential factor in their purchasing decision.


At least 8 different visuals per product page are expected by users, compared to 3 in 2016.

Why SmartPixels' 3D product visualization?

Scale your photorealistic product images and videos

Generate your customized product portfolio in a few seconds, and save cost with large scale production. SmartPixels creates millions of static and animated 3D product renderings of all your different product combinations (fit, color, material). Leverage these 3D renderings on all your channels: eCommerce website, social media, CRM campaigns…

Easily re-use your 3d renderings for different purposes

Using SmartPixels’ 3d rendering technology, be flexible with your product images. Our platform allows you to choose your product (fit, color, material), scenery, angle and lighting. From there, generate your desired product image in your chosen environment and reuse your 3d renders for different purposes.

Forget the complex logistics of photoshoots

Tired of photoshoots? Good product imagery does not have to come through the complex logistics of photoshoots. With 3D rendering technology, there is no need to produce the products to capture them visually
Gain time, flexibility, and money while reducing waste by replacing traditional photography with 3D renders.

People also ask about...

The quality of our photorealistic renderings differentiates us.
We reproduce every detail of the product, down to its “defects”, to make it as realistic as possible.
You won’t be able to distinguish our 3d packshots from high-quality product photography.
While eCommerce may be the primary reason you would like to invest in virtual photography, don’t limit yourself. Leverage virtual photography for social media, CRM campaigns, or even on a sales app in-store to facilitate the sales process.
Our solution integrates seamlessly with leading eCommerce platforms such as SAP, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, Yoox-Net-A-Porter

Learn more about e-commerce integrations 

Connect our virtual photography platform directly into your ERP to gain better accuracy and real-time alignment.
Our Order Management System (OMS) ensures the interconnection between our configuration systems and your Information System environment.
OMS centralizes the personal and financial data related to your transactions, and as such is subject to special care for security, confidentiality and RGPD compliance.
OMS also transforms the descriptive data of customized products into the format expected by your systems. This way, it ensures the connection (and its upward compatibility) to your customer management systems, quotes and orders.

Create your 3D product photography with SmartPixels!

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