3D configuration for luggage: drive sales with 3D and AR

3D rendering of a Globe-Trotter luggage created by SmartPixels
3D rendering of a Globe-Trotter luggage created by SmartPixels

Luxury shoppers have a particular fondness for singular items. As a result, when buying high-end luggage, they consider every detail extremely closely. Utilizing a specific body material, selecting a unique strap, or deciding on a particular wheel housing color can all help to improve the overall visual effect.


This article will examine the advantages that a 3D product configurator can provide to high-end suitcase brands. Specifically, we will focus on its importance when handling highly configurable and personalized luggage.


How can a product configurator help your brand?

3D personalized renderings of Globe-Trotter luggage
Globe-Trotter personalization solutions by SmartPixels

A real-time 3D configurator is a solution that allows customers to visualize and customize products instantaneously. Users are able to freely select any composition and combination of the desired item. SmartPixels‘ interactive product configurators use cutting-edge photorealistic 3D rendering technology.


An online product configurator allows products that have never been produced to be shown as photorealistic 3D models. When shoppers can interact with a 3D packshot on a product page, they spend 4 to 10 times more time on it. A configurator software has the power to increase consumer trust and conversion rates.


3D technologies boost the online experience to the next level. To illustrate, placing a 3D configurator on a brand’s website has resulted in an immediate 30% increase in conversion.


Furthermore, leveraging 3D rendering software will facilitate your brand to reduce the number of unsold inventory while boosting sales. Thanks to 3D visuals, the divergence between how products look in real life and online is drastically reduced. In this way, consumer confidence is increased, especially when dealing with complex products.


Some brands have found that adding a 3D configurator to their website has helped to reduce returns by 50%. This is likely due to the interactive 3D visuals, which give customers a better idea of what they are buying.

What are the benefits of using an online product configurator for high-end suitcases?

3D wireframe realized by SmartPixels for a Globe-Trotter luggage 

E-commerce users can create customized products using a 3D configurator by selecting options and seeing them applied in real-time. By using ultra-realistic 3D renderings, buyers can get the most accurate idea of how their desired product would look.


Thousands of product combinations are possible for luxury luggage. They can involve several types of colors, materials, handles, wheel holders, and padlocks. Therefore, thanks to an interactive 3D product configurator, shoppers can preview millions of product combinations in a few clicks.


When it comes to a high-end purchase, clients expect an immersive, interactive, and seamless online product experience. Leveraging SmartPixels’ 3D technology, your customers can design their desired suitcase while engaging in a tailor-made experience.


3D technologies have evolved into essential elements for e-commerce. This is due to the fact that the act of purchasing is emotional. Even when shopping online, consumers require a sense of touch and feel. As a result, they are increasingly relying on visual information to make e-commerce purchases.


Thanks to SmartPixels’ web configurator, your customers will live the most immersive personalization experience with their premium suitcase.

The role of Augmented Reality as a sales driver

Augmented Reality filter for luggage
Augmented Reality filter for luggage

Augmented Reality (AR) uses computer-generated images to create objects that are not physically present in the user’s environment. This technology is gradually reshaping the world of e-commerce and opening up new avenues for shopping experiences.


Therefore, integrating an Augmented Reality solution might represent a very powerful tool to increase engagement and boost sales. To illustrate, 71% of shoppers reported they would purchase more often with AR technologies.


Additionally, Augmented Reality has been revealed to be a valuable tool to enhance conversions. E-commerce marketplaces like Shopify prove the pattern: using AR can double an online store‘s conversion rate.


In order to create Augmented Reality solutions, SmartPixels uses glTF file formats. GlTF (Graphics Language Transmission Format) is an open-source file format designed for the efficient transfer and loading of 3D models containing a significant amount of data.


Once a 3D rendering of a product is realized, it can be exported in a glTF file format. Due to its speed, readability, and high adaptability, this file format is gaining traction as the current standard for data streaming to Augmented Reality applications.


As a result, if your brand’s goal is to transfer 3D renderings in real-time, and your platform supports a more modern format, SmartPixels can integrate glTF file formats to meet all of your requirements.

A 3D web configurator for luggage: the case of Globe-Trotter

SmartPixels is an expert in the creation of photo-realistic 3D visuals and personalization experiences. Do not hesitate to contact the team to learn more!
Product customization possibilities on Globe-Trotter e-commerce

Globe-Trotter, one of the world’s premier luxury suitcase manufacturers, relied on SmartPixels’ expertise in 3D technology. In fact, we worked hand in hand with Globe-Trotter to realize a product personalization solution on their e-commerce website.


Product personalization was already ingrained in Globe-Trotter’s previous offering. In fact, each brand’s luggage was naturally made up of various elements. These elements could be combined in a variety of ways to create a unique piece. As a result, the next step in Globe-Trotter’s strategy was to allow customers to create their own bespoke suitcase experience online.


Therefore, SmartPixels’ solution was a one-of-a-kind 3D e-commerce product configurator for 3 of their iconic products. It includes the custom carry-on, the medium check-in, and the custom large check-in. 


Buyers can design their suitcases from scratch using the online 3D product configurator. They are empowered to choose the color and material for each element of the suitcase in real time and with incredible realism.


They can select from three products, 152 materials, and 40 colors, yielding nearly 107.7 trillion trilliard product combinations in just a few clicks.

SmartPixels is an expert in the creation of photo-realistic 3D visuals and personalization experiences. Do not hesitate to contact the team to learn more!