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Capture your collection in 3D and start your Metaverse journey!

NFT generated by SmartPixels

Create a unique NFT of your fashion product using SmartPixels 3D rendering technology and take your consumer experience to the next level.

Using SmartPixels 3D technology, consumers can configure in real-time their unique personalized product and buy its virtual version along with the physical one.


NFTs are on the rise

According to a study conducted by Morgan Stanley and Bloomberg:


The Metaverse could constitute 10% of the luxury goods addressable market by 2030

$800 billion

The Metaverse could constitute $800 billion market opportunity

$300 billion

The total NFTs market will grow to around $300 billion by 2030

Why should brands start creating product NFTs?

Build up a new revenue stream by selling NFTs

Luxury brands that use NFTs can increase their total addressable market by more than 10% and their revenues before interest and taxes (EBIT) by nearly 25% by 2030.(Morgan Stanley) 
Selling a brand’s digital version, or digital twin, of a physical product will soon be a typical “add-on” feature in the customer experience.

The desire for NFTs is skyrocketing

NFTs are here to stay. Consumers have already validated their interest in owning a unique digital garment from their favorite brand. This aspiration for unique fashion pieces was already trending with product personalization. Consumers will soon be expecting to buy the unique NFT of their customized product. Fans are also expecting NFT collectibles from your brand, which will reinforce the emotional bond to your brand.

Create meaningful connections with a new audience

Enter the Gen Z universe and communicate using their own language. NFTs are a meaningful way to create an immersive and memorable consumer experiences. Whether it is on Sandbox, Roblox, or Horizon world, NFTs represent the opportunity for brands to create virtual products that can be used as digital collectibles, tokens that grant access to exclusive experiences, or digital skins to dress up avatars in the Metaverse. NFTs are the next frontier of collectibles to foster and reward consumers’ loyalty.

Exploit the power of NFTs with SmartPixels

1. Release NFTs as Digital Twins

Envision a customer journey that begins in your boutique and continues in the digital realm. Once a consumer has acquired the physical product, the salesperson will present him with the opportunity of receiving its digital twin in the form of a unique NFT. The digital asset can then be subjected to several applications: from being displayed as artwork inside his home to being stored as a certificate of authenticity.
3D digital twin of a Chloè bag

2. Sell NFTs of personalized virtual fashion and skins

Let your consumer maximize his creativity. Through SmartPixels 3D technology, shoppers can create their unique digital assets. A 3D product configurator will allow your customer to visualize the digital asset and personalize it in real-time. The NFT will therefore be entirely crafted by himself, by choosing the color, style, and material. Moreover, this exclusive virtual collectible can be used as a digital skin to dress up avatars in the Metaverse.

3. Drop NFTs with your capsule collection

Let’s imagine that your company wants to create a one-of-a-kind collection inspired from your beloved artist’s works. SmartPixels can leverage Artificial Intelligence to create an exceptional and unreproducible NFT collection with the style of the artist. NFTs can be used to their full potential by being sold as “exclusive passes” to access events, limited-edition drops, and unique contents.
3D capsule collection

Let SmartPixels lead you through the creative world of NFTs!

The utimate guide to NFTs

The market of NFTs is on the rise. But how can you grasp an added value from them?

In our “Ultimate Guide to NFTs“, you will discover :

– The early beginnings of NFTs and their market
– How SmartPixels can support you in your Metaverse and NFTs strategy
– How brands are exploiting these digital assets to gain a strategic advantage

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SmartPixels is an expert in photorealistic 3D product visualization. Since our early days, we are helping brands to scale their 3D visual asset production. We are in a unique position to help fashion luxury businesses with NFT generation.

Once we have captured brands’ products in 3D, we can create billions of unique product configurations that can then be exported in the right format, ready to be sold as NFTs.

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