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NFTs are the Keys for Brands to Enter the Metaverse: Here's Why

Louis Vuitton launched its own NFT-studded video game, LOUIS THE GAME.

If the current digital art frenzy has revealed anything, it’s the wealth of new possibilities with NFTs.


Fashion is one of the earliest sectors to recognize the economic potential of NFTs and the metaverse.


Luxury house Burberry created NFT accessories for the Blankos Block Party video game, while Louis Vuitton launched its own NFT-studded video game, LOUIS THE GAME.

What is the Metaverse and NFT?

What is the Metaverse and NFT?

The metaverse is a blockchain-based digital environment in which virtual reality and augmented reality technologies serve as visual component providers. In simpler terms, the metaverse is the realm in which your digital self can exist.


Non-fungible tokens (NFT), on the other hand, are a new type of digital asset that is unique, indivisible, and immutable. These tokens aid in representing digital and physical assets on the blockchain.

Why and how to accessorize the Metaverse with NFTs?

Why and How Accessorize the Metaverse with NFTs?

NFTs connect the real world to the metaverse, assisting in the development of identity, community, and social experiences within the Metaverse.


NFT as an expression of identity
Among a host of other applications, NFT will increasingly offer a way for people to express their individualism, which will be essential in a world of billions of online users.

• NFT unlock social experiences in both worlds (virtual and real)
NFT will play a significant role in how people feel about themselves, how they communicate with one another, and how they engage with the world around them in metaverses.

Users could showcase their support for a project or express their thoughts regarding the virtual and real worlds by holding NFT assets. As a result, like-minded NFT owners may join communities to share experiences and collaborate on content development.

• NFT as an investment
Because of NFTs’ rapid growth, many investors see them as an opportunity to “get in early” on an asset that will appreciate significantly in value.

What do NFTs mean for brands?

Karl Lagerfield NFT

Given that the metaverse is a virtual depiction of the real world, there is no doubt that it will provide numerous prospects for commercial growth. Now is the time for brands to start creating virtual representations of their products to ensure their visibility in this new realm.

Boost sales
Businesses can create NFTs of their products to make them stand out. They will subsequently be able to sell the product both physically and virtually.

Be a part of the virtual identity
For the first time in history, people will experience two distinct realities simultaneously: the offline world and a virtual representation of it. That said, it will be vital for businesses to be visible to clients in both realms to succeed.

The future of the Metaverse lies in the power of NFTs

The Future of the Metaverse Lies in the Power of NFT​

While metaverses are still in their infancy, they provide various potential societal and economic benefits through the use of NFT. Interoperability will be crucial for businesses seeking success in this industry. Numerous businesses are already working on integrating physical and virtual assets.

How to Make NFT?

Burberry NFT accessories for the Blankos Block Party video game

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