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3 benefits to adopting 3D rendering vs 2D

Header with a 2D visual and 3D rendering of a Globe Trotter suitcase

3D rendering vs 2D: what are the benefits of one over the other? Table of Contents 3D rendering offers a significant leap in realism compared to its 2D counterpart. 2D rendering presents a flattened representation of a 3D structure, whereas 3D rendering unlocks the ability to visualize the structure in its entirety, capturing every detail, […]

Revolutionizing e-commerce returns with 3D Product Configurators

Configurateur de produit 3D pour reduire les retours

How do 3D product configurators reduce e-commerce returns? Table of Contents Overview of e-commerce product returns % of people who claim to retunr their online purchases per category in France in 2022 The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a significant increase in online sales. Indeed, in 2022, retail e-commerce sales were estimated to have reached […]

Decoding the essentials of an effective omnichannel strategy

Rendus 3D pour stratégie omnicanale

Omnichannel strategy: the keys to a successful experience Chloé Tokyo store with a personalization experience created by SmartPixels The global pandemic has forced brands around the world to reconsider the value of digital and e-commerce. Brands need to change their mindset, as consumers have already done. Websites no longer exist solely to help retailers. Instead, […]

How AR helps luxury brands to build immersive experiences

Augmented Reality solution developed by SmartPixels

How AR helps luxury brands to build immersive experiences What is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality solution by SmartPixels Augmented Reality is a technology that enables users to seamlessly blend virtual objects with the real-world environment. It displays them in real-time as superimposed 3D renderings on the screens of devices such as phones and tablets.   […]

Deep-dive into glTF file format

Realtà Aumentata

Deep-dive into glTF file format During recent years, the glTF file format has gained more and more prominence, due to its functionality and the wide variety of applications. Therefore, this article will explain what a glTF file consists of and how it can best be used.   What is a glTF file format? https://vimeo.com/776650591 glTF file […]

Why is visual commerce the new frontier of e-commerce?

commercio visivo la nuova frontiera dell'e-commerce

Why is visual commerce the new frontier of e-commerce ? 3D web configurator realized by SmartPixels for Camille Fournet What is the definition of visual commerce? Visual commerce is a widespread strategy where brands exploit the power of visual content, 3D renderings, and augmented reality to catch, interact and reassure prospective customers. Thanks to the […]

How do our customers exploit our 3D visuals?

Rendus 3D pour l'e-commerce et les réseaux socieaux

How do our customers exploit our 3D visuals? Why should you start using 3D renderings ? 3D prototyping phase of a 3D rendering creation Having high-quality visuals has become fundamental for e-commerce. Shoppers’ expectations are rising at a considerable pace. To illustrate, customers buying online prefer to have at least eight different visuals on each […]

Why should you use 3D renderings on your product page?

3D renderings of a Chloé bag

Why should you use 3D renderings on your product page? What is a 3D rendering? 3D rendering of a Chloé bag with an highlight on the 3D modelling phase The process of converting information from a 3D model into a 2D image is known as 3D rendering. 3D product renderings are subjected to a wide […]

gITF vs FBX : which one to opt for ?

3D hyper-realistic rendering by SmartPixels

glTF vs FBX: which one to opt for? Table of Contents You could have wondered several times which was the best file format for the 3D visuals on your platforms: glTF or FBX? This question might arise spontaneously within the topic of renderings 3D. For this reason, in this article, SmartPixels aims to provide you […]

Why it is worth investing in shoe virtual try-on?

Essayage virtuel chaussures by SmartPixels

Why is it worth investing in shoe virtual try-on? Frequent AR consumers based on age range Augmented Reality : a rising trend The e-commerce market is predicted to increase by roughly $11 trillion between 2021 and 2025 [1].   As businesses moved online during the COVID-19 epidemic, the global digitalization trend increased at a breakneck […]

Why you should invest in product configurator for watches ?

Rendering 3D realizzato da SmartPixels

Why should watchmakers invest in product configurators? TAG HEUER 3D rendering by SmartPIxels Luxury consumers have a strong appetite for one-of-a-kind items. Therefore, when purchasing a timepiece, they pay close attention to every single detail. Adding an engraving, ornamenting a dial, or attaching a gemstone can contribute to the overall visual effect. In this article, we […]

How 3D product configurators can help your brand?

Camille Fournet 3D product configurator

What are 3D product configurators, and how can they help your brand? Camille Fournet – Watch Straps 3D Product Configurator More and more brands are calling on companies capable of digitizing their collections in three dimensions. More real than life, these shoes or handbags become the stars of their websites. At the forefront of this […]

Photo 2D VS Rendu 3D : Lequel choisir pour votre site e-commerce ?

Photo 2D vs Rendu 3D : Lequel choisir votre site e-commerce ? https://vimeo.com/559002324 La dimension visuelle est essentielle pour véhiculer des informations de manière impactante et interactive. Les visuels produits sont au cœur des performances commerciales des marques. Selon une étude réalisée par HubSpot, 32 % des experts en marketing ont évalué les visuels produits […]