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Elevating Product Personalization to New Heights: Globe-Trotter

Hybrid 3D product and Photo rendering, Mixed reality

Revolutionizing Product Personalization: the case of Globe-Trotter Table of Contents How SmartPixels Transformed Globe-Trotter’s product personalization experience? In this client testimonial, Ryan Vaughan, the digital operations manager, and Tom Baker, the digital marketing manager, both from Globe-Trotter, share their experience of working with SmartPixels on their product personalization experience.   The article covers the benefits […]

Mastering the art of crafting an effective RFP on 3D visuals

3D rendering staged on a background

How to write a Request For Proposal for 3D product visuals? Table of Contents Introduction:   In today’s business landscape, 3D product visuals are becoming increasingly important in marketing and sales strategies. They allow companies to showcase their products in a more realistic and engaging way, giving customers a better understanding of what they are […]

Revolutionizing e-commerce returns with 3D Product Configurators

Configurateur de produit 3D pour reduire les retours

How do 3D product configurators reduce e-commerce returns? Table of Contents Overview of e-commerce product returns % of people who claim to retunr their online purchases per category in France in 2022 The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a significant increase in online sales. Indeed, in 2022, retail e-commerce sales were estimated to have reached […]

Decoding the essentials of an effective omnichannel strategy

Rendus 3D pour stratégie omnicanale

Omnichannel strategy: the keys to a successful experience Chloé Tokyo store with a personalization experience created by SmartPixels The global pandemic has forced brands around the world to reconsider the value of digital and e-commerce. Brands need to change their mindset, as consumers have already done. Websites no longer exist solely to help retailers. Instead, […]

How AR helps luxury brands to build immersive experiences

Augmented Reality solution developed by SmartPixels

How AR helps luxury brands to build immersive experiences What is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality solution by SmartPixels Augmented Reality is a technology that enables users to seamlessly blend virtual objects with the real-world environment. It displays them in real-time as superimposed 3D renderings on the screens of devices such as phones and tablets.   […]

Deep-dive into glTF file format

Realtà Aumentata

Deep-dive into glTF file format During recent years, the glTF file format has gained more and more prominence, due to its functionality and the wide variety of applications. Therefore, this article will explain what a glTF file consists of and how it can best be used.   What is a glTF file format? https://vimeo.com/776650591 glTF file […]

3D configuration for luggage: drive sales with 3D and AR

3D rendus realisé par SmartPixels

3D configuration for luggage: drive sales with 3D and AR 3D rendering of a Globe-Trotter luggage created by SmartPixels Luxury shoppers have a particular fondness for singular items. As a result, when buying high-end luggage, they consider every detail extremely closely. Utilizing a specific body material, selecting a unique strap, or deciding on a particular […]

Benefits of virtual photography in the shoe industry

Rendering 3D realizzato da SmartPixels per un paio di calzature Berluti

Benefits of virtual photography in the shoe industry What is virtual photography? 3D rendering’s detail on a Berluti shoe realized by SmartPixels Virtual photography (or 3D product imaging) is the process of creating images that represent real-world items, but that is created using technology that combines static graphics and 3D models. The result is a […]

Why is visual commerce the new frontier of e-commerce?

commercio visivo la nuova frontiera dell'e-commerce

Why is visual commerce the new frontier of e-commerce ? 3D web configurator realized by SmartPixels for Camille Fournet What is the definition of visual commerce? Visual commerce is a widespread strategy where brands exploit the power of visual content, 3D renderings, and augmented reality to catch, interact and reassure prospective customers. Thanks to the […]

3 ways beauty brands are using Augmented Reality

3D Augmented Reality solutions

3 ways beauty brands are using Augmented Reality Augmented Reality 3D visualization Augmented Reality (AR) technology allows users to superimpose virtual content (e.g. images, sounds, text) over a real-world environment.   It exploits 3D, computer-generated visuals, and “brings to life“, items that are not physically present in the user’s environment. Augmented Reality has been demonstrated […]

How do our customers exploit our 3D visuals?

Rendus 3D pour l'e-commerce et les réseaux socieaux

How do our customers exploit our 3D visuals? Why should you start using 3D renderings ? 3D prototyping phase of a 3D rendering creation Having high-quality visuals has become fundamental for e-commerce. Shoppers’ expectations are rising at a considerable pace. To illustrate, customers buying online prefer to have at least eight different visuals on each […]

NFTs and luxury: which strategy to adopt?

Metaverse Fashion week

NFTs & luxury : which strategy to adopt ? Dolce & Gabbana Metaverse Fashion Week SmartPixels had the opportunity to interview Nathalie Lemonnier, founder of Lemon Think. Lemon Think is a consulting agency that supports luxury brands within their digital strategies and client relationships. Nathalie Lemonnier provided us with an overview of how luxury and […]