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3D configuration for luggage: drive sales with 3D and AR

3D rendus realisé par SmartPixels

3D configuration for luggage: drive sales with 3D and AR 3D rendering of a Globe-Trotter luggage created by SmartPixels Luxury shoppers have a particular fondness for singular items. As a result, when buying high-end luggage, they consider every detail extremely closely. Utilizing a specific body material, selecting a unique strap, or deciding on a particular […]

Why is visual commerce the new frontier of e-commerce?

commercio visivo la nuova frontiera dell'e-commerce

Why is visual commerce the new frontier of e-commerce ? 3D web configurator realized by SmartPixels for Camille Fournet What is the definition of visual commerce? Visual commerce is a widespread strategy where brands exploit the power of visual content, 3D renderings, and augmented reality to catch, interact and reassure prospective customers. Thanks to the […]

How do our customers exploit our 3D visuals?

Rendus 3D pour l'e-commerce et les réseaux socieaux

How do our customers exploit our 3D visuals? Why should you start using 3D renderings ? 3D prototyping phase of a 3D rendering creation Having high-quality visuals has become fundamental for e-commerce. Shoppers’ expectations are rising at a considerable pace. To illustrate, customers buying online prefer to have at least eight different visuals on each […]

Why should you use 3D renderings on your product page?

3D renderings of a Chloé bag

Why should you use 3D renderings on your product page? What is a 3D rendering? 3D rendering of a Chloé bag with an highlight on the 3D modelling phase The process of converting information from a 3D model into a 2D image is known as 3D rendering. 3D product renderings are subjected to a wide […]

Leather goods: 5 3D product configurators to boost sales

Configuratore di prodotto 3D per l'e-commerce

Leather goods: 5 3D product configurators to boost sales The rise of 3D product configurators Luxury leather goods revenues The luxury industry has just recently started to bounce back from the severe hits provided by the COVID-19 pandemic. To exemplify, luxury leather goods revenues dropped by 16.37% between 2019 and 2020 [1].    On the other […]

Why you should invest in product configurator for watches ?

Rendering 3D realizzato da SmartPixels

Why should watchmakers invest in product configurators? TAG HEUER 3D rendering by SmartPIxels Luxury consumers have a strong appetite for one-of-a-kind items. Therefore, when purchasing a timepiece, they pay close attention to every single detail. Adding an engraving, ornamenting a dial, or attaching a gemstone can contribute to the overall visual effect. In this article, we […]

Photo 2D VS Rendu 3D : Lequel choisir pour votre site e-commerce ?

Photo 2D vs Rendu 3D : Lequel choisir votre site e-commerce ? https://vimeo.com/559002324 La dimension visuelle est essentielle pour véhiculer des informations de manière impactante et interactive. Les visuels produits sont au cœur des performances commerciales des marques. Selon une étude réalisée par HubSpot, 32 % des experts en marketing ont évalué les visuels produits […]

Traditional Photography or 3D product visuals – which one to choose for your brand?

Visuel TAG Heuer par SmartPixels Being visual is key to convey information memorably and interactively. Visual assets represent one of the most crucial types of content for brands. Indeed, according to a HubSpot study, 32% of marketers mentioned that visual images are the most important form of content for their business.   This is being […]

3D Renders: The new normal for e-commerce images

Chloé renders on model by SmartPixels Now is the time for brands to invest in 3D renders for eCommerce. The e-commerce industry is evolving at an extremely fast-pace: buyers are expecting a higher number of visual assets, and requesting more interactivity (zoom, 360° views, worn looks…). Traditional photography can’t scale with the growing demand of […]

E-commerce is boring as shelves

Chloé e-commerce website Why do most e-commerce websites display products in small thumbnail grids on a light background?   When the first few e-commerce websites were deployed, it certainly had a magical dimension which made it extremely attractive and fun. However, today that novelty effect surely has worn off. E-commerce has become as boring as […]

7 applications of mobile AR leveraged by luxury brands

How are luxury brands leveraging the power of Augmented Reality? Table of Contents In this article, we are going to explore how brands like Dior, Chanel, and Gucci use mobile augmented reality to build immersive and unforgettable experiences for their consumers. We have identified 7 key applications of mobile AR for fashion brands.  First, let’s […]

How can 3D configurators help you make a difference

Concept configurator by smartPixels As the way we shop is changing, customer’s expectations are evolving. According to Statista, almost half of online purchases were made from mobile devices in 2019. Consumers are more and more demanding, free returns are becoming the new normal no matter the environmental consequences. However, numbers about the current situation are […]

How can luxury brands leverage the use of 3D to create unique customer experiences?

How can luxury brands leverage 3D to create unique customer experiences ? Chloé store with retail experience by SmartPixels As we are all aware, the luxury industry is in complete transformation due to new customer expectations and the emergence of new technologies. It is no longer the product itself that matters, it is the surrounding […]